Real Estate Transactions -- January 12

January 11, 2013 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded December 17 - December 31:

KMAR Investments,LLLP to Group 1 Realty; 1680 Whittlesey Road; $5,900,000; commercial

Calvin S. Koonce to Old Towne Residential, Inc.; map & parcel 073021007,008,026; $3,529,575; commercial

Frank G. Lumpkin, III Executor of the Estate of Frank G. Lumpkin, Jr. deceased to Julia Willcox Lumpkin Sando; County Line Road, map & parcel 141-002-001; $757,774

D.R, Horton, Inc. to Binta T. Norman; 761 Honey Do Court; $240,184

SunTrust Bank to Ace Group Realty, LLC; 2200 Wynnton Road; $240,000; commercial

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Donovan and Crystal Hernandez; 7339 San Vista Drive; $230,100; residential

Pinnacle Homes, Inc. to Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; map & parcel-109-005-049,048; 146-004-001; 100-014-079,080; 083-012-024; 086-034-003; 100-014-074B; $230,000; residential

Prudential Relocation, Inc. NKA Brookfield Relocation, Inc. to Andrew Gombos; 1049 Crosswinds Drive; $227,500

Ray M. Wright, Inc. to Kalym S. Wagers; map & Parcel 190-010-001; $223,000

Ray M. Wright, Inc. to John R. and Stephanie McCuley; map & parcel 127-014-017; $219,680

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Rebecca Wilson; 7386 San Vista Drive; $215,799; residential

RiverMill, LLC to Uptown Columbus, Inc.; map & parcel 008-008-001; $215,169

Eleanor Wheeler to Ruth Gilbert; 1615 Summit Drive Unit 3; $212,500; residential

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Jerilyn D. Rogers-Harris; 9261 Garrett Lake Drive; $211,175; residential

Paul Thomas Swilling to Jamie and Lauren Segars; 4048 Pickering Drive; $193,000

McDonald Plummer, III to Richard Illges Norman, Jr.; 1818 Wells Drive; $190,000; residential

Sean L. Rheaume to Richard and Kelly Greve; 7363 San Vista Drive; $189,900

D.R. Horton, Inc. to David Carl Ehrenpreis; 2652 Honeysuckle Drive; $185,271

Four JS Family, LLLP to Howard Willis; 808 21st Street; $177,500; commercial

Kenneth Akerman to Angela Woods; 7794 Leaning Pine Court; $160,000; residential

Grayhawk Townhomes, Inc. to Heidi Platz; map&parcel 101029016; $159,279

Synovus Bank to Crimson Flowers Building, LLC; 1204 1st Avenue Suite C; $153,143


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded December 24 - January 4:

7099 Thimblewood Way; $23,000; Sheila Jones; add/repair residential building

7613 Knollview Drive; $1,000; Franklin Webster; add/repair residential building

8230 Lantern Court; $143,044; Donald Bowles, Inc.; erect single family residence

7830 Veterans Parkway #6; $50,000; Allen Development Group; add/repair other building

6300 Flat Roack Road; $225,000; The Meadows Apartments; add/repair other building

7782 Preservation Court; $36,000; Andre Orr; construct swimming pool

6560 Mallard Drive; $6,738; Wanda Cardona; add/repair residential building

6520 Malibu Drive; $10,000; Michael Lee Regnier; construct residential garage

2016 Marilon Drive; $3,199; Constance OíBrien; construct storage building

800 2nd Ave; $1,600; Dennis Beck; add/repair residential building

119 Meloy Drive; $40,000; Mack Douglas; add/repair residential building

1501 Warm Springs Road; $1,800; Thomas Upchurch Properties; add/repair residential building

4201 Meritas Drive; $1,800; Richard Thomas; add/repair residential building

4329 Timbalier Drive; $24,500; Scott Kimsey; construct swimming pool

145 Sweetwater Drive; $1,322; Telefar W. Davis; construct storage building

5756 Olivia Lane; $1,349; Cheryl Sapp; construct storage building

17 Wickham Drive; $5,000; Robert Jackson; add/repair residential building

5120 Kingsberry Lane; $155,300; Bill Hart, Inc.; erect single family residence

7 Hannahatchee Court; $10,000; Patrick Willie; construct residential garage

6463 Veterans Parkway; $42,000; Carmax Auto Superstore; add/repair other building

7330 Siamese Street; $2,198; Shelbie Overby; add/repair residential building

1438 Grove Park Drive 5A; $2,000; Double Churches, LLC; add/repair residential building

3700 Bridgewater Road; $30,000; Leary & Brown, Inc.; add/repair other building

10211 County Line Road; $13,000; Berean Covenant; add/repair other building

5622 Ventura Drive; $2,750; Sara Register; construct storage building

6400 Malibu Drive; $3,099; Lanis Patterson; construct storage building

1033 31st Street A & B; $3,500; Edgar Crain; add/repair residential building

606 23rd Street; $2,500; Robert Ferrell; add/repair residential building

1355 Antietam Drive; $16,237; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; construct storage building

5722 Germantown Road; $2,599; Lucien Burton; construct storage building

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