Blast the thimble off the board

January 13, 2013 

Is a dream a lie if it don't come true or is it Monday Mail?

The river

Today's opening is from the song "The River" by Bruce Springsteen.

The error

It would appear that in last week's Monday Mail following up on a Dec. 22 column about donating to Columbus' battered women's shelter Hope Harbour, I neglected to say how people can donate to it.

Checks can be mailed to Hope Harbour, P.O, Box 4182, Columbus, GA 31914.

The game

Today we have a follow-up from a reader who in correspondence published Dec. 9 used the name "Riveratus LaCroix," and mentioned the board game "Monopoly" in questioning the schedule for Columbus' whitewater course.

That provides an excuse to mention the voting under way to eliminate one of Monopoly's current player pieces and bring in something more up to date, such as a robot or a helicopter. Research shows the least popular piece is the wheelbarrow, so that may be the first to go.

For those of you who last played Monopoly as a college drinking game and don't remember your piece or anyone else's, the others are the battleship, the Scottie dog, the boot, the race car (reportedly the most popular), the thimble, the top hat and the iron.

The piece players ought to vote out is the thimble. You can always get another thimble out of the sewing kit. It's not like Hasbro's the only company that makes thimbles.

Now let's paddle back to the main channel and pick up where Riveratus left off:

Hey Tim!

Thanks for posting my letter and doing some investigating. Your article and inquiry really touched a nerve with those 'patriarchs.' The day after you posted it, Georgia Power was out surveying and starting the initial work at their weir site....

Do you really believe they will be done in six months?

My hypothesis is that the real plan of action of these fine folks is to make HALF the course operable and that the other half will not be completed until the end of next year or 2014.

It is plainly observable the whole thing won't be fully finished by August, despite whatever they force feed the public.

Thanks again!

Dear Riveratus:

Yeah, the guys building the course are intently attuned to this reader-feedback column and acting immediately on the sentiments expressed. And today I think they should drop a case of dynamite right dead-center behind the City Mills dam and blow it all to hell so we can run up there and yell, "Wooooo-hoooo!"

You know, one of the outfitters said he expects to book his first whitewater excursions here for June 1. So we should have lots of action to watch up by North Highlands in the next six months.

Tim Chitwood,, 706-571-8508.

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