Real Estate Transactions -- January 26

January 25, 2013 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded December 31 - January 11:

Geo. M. Adams,Inc, to Apple Six Hospitality Ownership,Inc.; map & parcel 072-011-007; $794,500

David Perkins,M.D. A/K/A Har... to AMDP,LLC; 5612 Whitesville Rd.; $650,000

S.M.H. Investments,LLC a Georgia limited liability company to KJCJ Enterprises,LLC, a Georgia limited liability company; 6214 Bradley Park Dr.; $650,000

The Summerton Inn.Inc. to John Martin; 2015 Springdale Dr.; $500,000

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Odalis Marte; 8777 Westwind Dr.; $343,648

Jeff Lindsey Communities,Inc. to Sleiman Abdallah; 8748 Heiferhorn Way; $326,830

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Jason Burch; 4535 Ivy Woods Dr.; $304,544

Jimmy Hathaway to Hunter Bryan; 4300 Deanery Ct.; $185,515

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to David Knapp; 6083 Granite Field Dr.; $185,045

Lifestyle Villas,LLC to David M. and Rita S. Lefcourt,as joint Tenants with theÖ; 8816 Promenade Place; $185,000

Grayhawk Homes.Inc. to Floyd Dickerson; 5131 Sand Hill Dr.; $182,060

McCollum Real Estate Investments,LLC to Caldwell Property Investments,LLC; 5329 Old Dominion Rd; $181,400

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Tonia Ashton; 6098 Townes Way; $168,388

Donald Bowles,Inc. to Surujram Laikram; 1129 Richland Dr.; $163,000

Doris L Mccoy f/k/a Doris L. Hadley to Billings Crossing Limited Liability Company; map & parcel 099-009-012; $160,000

Grayhawk Homes,Inc. to Mary Ladiero; 6119 Townes Way; $159,394


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded January 14 - January 18:

9559 Yarbrough Rd.; $241,437.84; Ray M. Wright; erect single family residence

4929 Brightstar Lane; $204,727.32; Edgar Hughston Builders; erect single family residence

3 Wexton Ct.; $200,000; Jametta Fowler-Cobb; add/repair residential building

8747 Palazzo Place; $179,294.64; Jordan Yates; erect single family residence

9546 Yarbrough Rd.; $166,405.68; Ray M. Wright; erect single family residence

8860 Promenade Pl.; $161,054.46; Landmark Co.; erect single family residence

8864 Promenade Pl. $148,107.96; Jordan Yates; erect single family residence

2821 Thomas St.; $87,978.66; Wynnton Neighborhood Housing; erect single family residence

5427 Cleveland St.; $64,800; Chi Asset Management; add/repair residential building

2946 King St.; $50,985; Robert D. Hicks; add/repair residential building

5532 Rockhurst Dr.; $48,760.75; Barbara & Keith Goodermoth; add/repair residential building

6022 Christmas Dr.; $38,000; Debbie Gail; construct swimming pool

2712 Norris Rd.; $34,600; Chi Asset Management; add/repair residential building

1020 Ruth Creek Ct.; $30,788; Oscar L. Harris; add/repair residential building

2002 American Way $25,000; M.C.S.D.; add/repair other building

11 Hitching Post Ct.; $21,000; Helen Monroe; add/repair residential building

1999 Elizabeth Circle; $15,000; Columbus Housing Authority; add/repair other building

1034 Broadway St.; $13,500; Buddy Nelms; add/repair other building

5592 Whitesville Rd.; $9000; Woodruff Properties; add/repair other building

2062 Mason St.; $6500; Stacie Bethea; add/repair residential building

3046 Grenada Dr.; $6387; Lorenza Beauford.; add/repair residential building

8245 Midland Trail; $5494; Tom Shellnut; add/repair residential building

8101 Twin Chapel Dr.; $4500; Robert Turner; add/repair residential building

5033 Donna Sue Dr.; $4393; Ilona Meckel; add/repair residential building

1328 Hunt Ave.; $3757; John Balkeum; add/repair residential building

6543 Middleburg Dr.; $3639; Thomas Verdree; add/repair residential building

1310 S. Dixon Dr.; $3098.75; Joseph Wall; erect storage building

4502 Northwood Ave.; $3031 Daisy Stiebel; add/repair residential building

3354 Summerchase Ct.; $2742; Mitzi Simpson; add/repair residential building

2219 Westminster Way; $2272; Gary Morris; add/repair residential building

8990 Doubletree Ct.; $2145; Mike Terry; add/repair residential building

2671 Honeysuckle Dr.; $1799.75; Lottie Bank; erect storage building

560 Haverford Dr.; $1701.59; Edward Dingle; add/repair residential building

5555 Whittlesey Blvd. #3118; $1500; Menís Warehouse; add/repair other building

635 Annette Ave.; $1410; Jacquline Griffin; add/repair residential building

2200 Elm Dr.; $600; Guillermo Perez Morales; add/repair other building

12 Conisburgh Ct.; $514.61; Pam Webb; add/repair residential building

1006 Neill Dr.; $500; Ronnie & Sue Goff; add/repair residential building

1245 Dogwood Ave.; $500; Josie Carter; add/repair residential building

5047 Trussell Ave.; $490.24; Jane Guillot; add/repair residential building

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