MONDAY MAIL: Get booked for a visit with Obama

January 27, 2013 

Next to music beer was best, and it's Monday Mail.


Saturday is Groundhog Day, again, the mark of midwinter. Not that we've had much winter here.

Stark raving

Courtney George of Columbus' Carson McCullers Center writes:

Please join us for our first Georgia Poetry Circuit event of 2013! An Afternoon with Paul Hostovsky, Tuesday; Q&A at 4 p.m. Reading at 7:30 p.m., 1519 Stark Ave. FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Dear Courtney:

What if mobs of poetry nuts come? Will the reading be in the backyard?

Good weather for it.

Ways and Means

Speaking of books is this appeal from Willie Means:

Hey Folks! Just priced a triboard I would like to have as a display ... selling "Willie Means Well (But It Don't Work Out Sometimes) -- The Meal"; right under $1,000. Also need at least that much more to purchase 100 books to get me on my way. Donations or loans, I'll get it back to you somehow....

Dear Willie:

I'm so broke I can't afford a parking ticket.

Means to an end

It's nice to know Willie means well, as he's aiming for the White House in this related message regarding Barack Obama:

The whole damn thing has gone extremely, way south! I wrote to two presidents while in the Army and later wanted to tell them of their "wrongness." Hopefully I'll soon have funds to purchase copies of my book and began selling them so I can share my letter with this president, first regionally, then nationally. By the time I'm having an "Avalanche Affect" and get my invite to the White House, for a shot of Jack Daniels (don't really do beer), I'll remind Mr. Obama that those of his TRUE RELIGIOUS sect DON'T tolerate what he's trying to sell to the rest of us who really love and honor The Only True GOD! GOD BLESS!

Dear Willie:

Check with Joe Biden. I bet he's got better whiskey.


Here's another book:

Author Courtney Hartness announces the release of her inspiring new memoir, "It's Not Rejection, It's Redirection."

"It's Not Rejection, It's Redirection" compiles Hartness' life with the lessons she learned on her journey, and now, she's ready to share those lessons with her readers. "It's Not Rejection, It's Redirection" will inspire and encourage readers....

For more information, please contact Jim Miller….

Dear Jim:

May her inspiration have an avalanche affect.

Tim Chitwood,, 706-571-8508.

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