Calvary Christian football coach wants to help athletes grow as young men, Christians

dmitchell@ledger-enquirer.comJanuary 28, 2013 

As a football coach at Calvary Christian School, Brian Osborne is called upon to be a leader of a group of players on the field.

He strives for success in the sport and encourages the same from his players.

His program is more than just a football team, however. It's also a ministry, and that's a responsibility that he takes very seriously as well.

He wants his players to grow as individuals, and he wants them to grow as Christians.

Osborne spoke with the Ledger-Enquirer on Monday about his call to coach football for the Knights.

Coaches have other responsibilities in addition to the details. You're responsible for helping them grow as individuals, as well. Talk a little bit about that aspect of coaching.

Right. You aren't just coaching the sport. You're really coaching these young men to grown into men. Because 99 percent of these players aren't going to go on to play in college or professionally. It's not going to be their job or their career. So, we're teaching them to know the Lord, to love the Lord here at Calvary and be good future husbands and leaders of the community.

You mention helping them in their faith as Christians. How do you hold that responsibility?

I'm just a servant of the Lord. I give everything to Him. All the hours I work are all for Him. … He gave us the ability to play football, for the players, He gave me the ability to coach. We give it over to Him every week. Sometimes we get wins, and sometimes we lose, but no matter what, he's our Lord and Savior and without Him we are nothing.

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