New Georgia D-line coach Chris Wilson says it's been a 'smooth' transition

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ATHENS - Chris Wilson, hired a couple weeks ago as Georgia's new defensive line coach, met the media on Wednesday afternoon. You can watch the two videos above, but here are some highlights:

- Recruiting-wise, Wilson said the adjustment has been easy because Georgia and Mississippi State have been recruiting many of the same players.

"We all have the same prospects of suspects on our board," Wilson said. "Obviously you have relationships more with guys in your region. That's probably the biggest difference. Obviously being at the University of Georgia you have access to a few more of those quality athletes. That was the biggest thing, being able to build a relationship with quickly with those guys."

Wilson has traveled so far to Kansas, south Georgia and the metro Atlanta area.

- Wilson didn't have much to say specifically about returning players, since he's hardly had a chance to even meet them. And he can't talk about recruits until next week.

As for the nose tackle spot, Wilson said he would be looking for a committee approach replacing John Jenkins and Kwame Geathers. (Wilson recruited Jenkins for Mississippi State two years ago.)

Ideally he'd like to rotate about six-to-eight players on the line. Substituting enough was an issue with the defensive line this past year.

"I don't know if you can replace that much production with just one guy," Wilson said. "So we really gotta develop some depth. We've gotta have two, three guys that can really play 20-25 snaps a game. That will really help you."

- Wilson, who has a background coaching special teams, said it came up in his interview, but didn't make it sound like anything was imminent.

"Right now I'm the defensive line coach at Georgia and that's kind of been my main focus," Wilson said.

- And no, Todd Grantham has not apprised him of anything regarding the NFL or the Philadelphia Eagles.

"And to me that says a lot," Wilson said. "The one thing that everybody in this building has been focused on is this (recruiting) class. And that's it."

- Wilson comes off as very personable, and remembered my name at the end of the interview, which is always good.

His son Caleb, who will be a junior in high school next year, is a quarterback being recruited at the FBS level. So one big factor in finding a new home in Athens is placing him at the right high school.

"Well you know high school coaches can't recruit," Wilson said, as he smiled and winked. "That's not ethical or legal."

Normally, coaches can't comment on recruits; but Wilson will be able to talk about his son because of the pre-existing relationship clause.

"He's got a lot of tools," Wilson said of his son. "He's a big kid, he's athletic, I don't know what his skills set (is) like. But I know he's got a lot of tools you can't teach. We've just gotta see if he can get somewhere and get developed for the next couple years."

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