Tim Chitwood: Veterans' trees gone like the wind

February 3, 2013 

Who's reaching out to capture a moment? Everyone knows it's Monday Mail.


It's Severe Weather Awareness Week in Georgia, and the state insurance commissioner reminds us: "While tornadoes can occur at any time of year if atmospheric conditions are right, March, April and May are considered prime months for tornadoes to strike."

Or January, this year.

Wood not

What else wipes out trees in a day? Road projects like the one on Veterans Parkway that has turned towering trunks into big wood chunks.

The nonprofit Trees Columbus sent out a notice on that. It in part says:

The first stage of this final phase of the project, relocation of the utilities in the corridor with most power, telephone and cable lines being placed underground, is now almost finished, clearing the way for the planting of the oaks along the rights of way. As a part of this planting, some of the existing trees along Veteran's Parkway will be removed.

Certified arborists have ... determined which ones should be removed due to a poor condition rating, of being decline or posing a safety hazard. A few may have to be removed to allow for sidewalk improvements and other pedestrian amenities and to avoid future hazard from construction damage.

Trees Columbus regrets the necessity of removing trees anywhere in our community. But, we recognize that maintaining a healthy and sustainable urban forest involves a continuous cycle of planting and replanting. The Veteran's Parkway Streetscape and Pedestrian enhancement project is evidence of that because the new oaks and crape myrtles will more than quadruple the number of trees....

Dear Trees Columbus:

I just assumed y'all cut those down because they were blocking a billboard.

Let's go crazy

Regarding a Jan. 26 column about a reader's encountering a rude person in line at the drugstore, Janet here writes:

Hey Tim,

I have always found that if you out-crazy the crazy (or rude) people, they pretty much leave you alone. If someone says "Don't touch me," you say to them "No, I won't give you my money!" very loudly. Or just something totally off the wall like "You are the shortest giraffe I've ever seen!" Or "I don't know where the Preparation H is, ask someone who works here!" Eye twitches help too. Hope this helps someone, it works for me.

Dear Janet:

Having small children would be an advantage here. You could say "Don't touch my child!" and if they said "I didn't touch your child," you could reply, "Stop talking about touching my child!"

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