Real Estate Transactions -- February 23

February 22, 2013 


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded February 11 - February 15:

9229 Travelers Way; $358,474.20; Parrish Construction; erect single family residence

7775 Chattsworth Rd.; $321,996; T-COL, LLC.; add/repair other building

3501 Courtyard Way; $297,906; Courtyard Marriott; add/repair other building

1007 Silver Lake Dr.; $183,379.98; Ray M. Wright; erect single family residence

8733 Palazzo Pl.; $138,695.57; Lifestyle Villas,LLC.; erect single family residence

3841 Mulberry Dr.; $50,000; Seagle Sexton; add/repair residential building

7004 Daniels Ct.; $39,000; Ferrel Wiley.; construct swimming pool

4261 Carlene Dr.; $30,000; Gary Reynolds; construct swimming pool

7934 Green Glen Dr.; $21,000; Laura Nawara; construct swimming pool

7121 St. Murphys Ct.; $19,250; Kenneth Coulter; construct swimming pool

1585 Northside Industrial Blvd.; $18,000; T-Mobile; add/repair other building

2300 Double Churches Rd.; $18,000; T-Mobile; add/repair other building

7180 Schomburg Rd.; $18,000; T-Mobile; add/repair other building

302 Ford Dr.; $18,000; T-Mobile; add/repair other building

2944 Warm Springs Rd.; $18,000; T-Mobile; add/repair other building

57 Mays Ave.; $17,500; Ida Mears; add/repair residential building

1230 13th Ave.; $10,000; John Paul Jewelers; add/repair other building

8959 Moore Rd.; $8,000; Alisha Zenor; construct swimming pool

332 Double Churches Rd.; $6012; Ron Tyler; add/repair residential building

4078 Milgen Rd.; $6000; Christ Community Church; add/repair other building

2003 Bunker Way Dr.; $5760; Tyrone Williams; erect storage building

5952 Upland Way; $4175; Myrtle Morgan; add/repair residential building

5857 Fornoof Rd.; $4173; Todd & Christine Bell; add/repair residential building

5513 Boby Dr.; $4015; Anthony Herring; add/repair residential building

3811 E Britt David Rd.; $3845; Evin Hopkins; add/repair residential building

4514 Curry St.; $3699.67; Sylvia Futrell; erect storage building

5432 St. Marys Rd.; $3099.75; Eddie Cosby; erect storage building

3552 Meadow Dr.; $3024.75; Leneon Johnson; erect storage building

3131 Manchester Expressway #F5; $2850; Madarin Express; add/repair other building

2206 Willard St.; $2599.75; Gloria & Hudson Snipes; erect storage building

3131 Manchester Expwy.; #0011/0012; $2250; Best Buy Mobile; add/repair other building

4598 Labrador Dr.; $2170.74; Larry White; erect storage building

5444 Old Dominion Rd.; $2099.75; Ricky Branigan; erect storage building

3010 Foresthill Dr.; $1703.55; Darlene Wade; add/repair residential building

3301 5th Ave.; $1200; Robert Coker; erect storage building


Selected building permits in Harris County, recorded February 1 - February 6:

5784 GA HWY 208; $344,370; CPJ Custom Homes,LLC; erect single family dwelling

26 Mustang Ct.; $303,615; Woodruff Contracting; erect single family dwelling

895 Bartletts Ferry Rd.; $40,105; Kimberly Johnson; add/repair residential building

138 E. Straight St.; $21,000; Eiland Pools; construct swimming pool

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