FIVE QUESTIONS: Dedication in the office and on the field

February 24, 2013 

You attended the University of Mississippi and the University of Memphis. How did you end up in Columbus?

I was graduating with my MBA from the University of Memphis and looking for a Management Training program with a Fortune 500 company. I looked at the Top 100 Great Places to Work and heard about Synovus. After making an inquiry and going through the interview process, I accepted a position in the Management Program with Columbus Bank and Trust in mid-2006.

Outside of your job, you play in the local adult kickball league. How did you get involved?

I started playing because a past roommate, Eddie Bussell, came home one night and said, "Guys, I signed us up for an adult kickball league." My first reaction was, "Do what?" I was skeptical at first. But after eight seasons, several championships and making lifelong relationships, I cannot think of a better way to spend a Thursday evening.

Registration for the spring season of kickball is under way through March 5. Why do you recommend the activity?

I recommend the activity for three simple reasons. First, it is a simple sport. Anyone can play it. It's the right mix of competition and social interaction.

Second, you have the ability to re-live your youth, build new friendships, make new professional connections and even have the potential to find a spouse. It does happen!

Finally, it is great exercise and a super stress release. All you do is kick, catch and run. How simple is that? You don't have to sit at home and play video games or watch TV. Even

if there is a great show you want to see, with today's technology, it is easy to DVR the show for later. So come out and experience a different avenue for meeting new folks and building relationships while getting in a little workout.

Visit for more details.

What would you add to Columbus to make the city even more appealing to young professionals?

More activities on a weekly basis showcasing what Columbus is all about. Columbus needs to find a way to incorporate the river into daily life activities. The Whitewater Experience will help. However, the river will still be separated from normal daily events.

These activities could spur additional restaurants and even shopping, which would greatly enhance the outstanding potential Columbus holds. Also, creating a safe environment in the Uptown sector is another key.

What's the best-kept secret in the Chattahoochee Valley?

Honestly, it isn't any one thing or place to me. It is the people. I moved around quite a bit growing up and of all the places I have lived I have never been accepted into so many different groups on first arrival. I have built a lot of lasting friendships and will always be grateful for that.

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