Pucker up for public education

March 24, 2013 

An experienced, industrious, ambitious, and often quite picturesque liar, it's Monday Mail.


Today's opening is a quote from Mark Twain. If you don't like that one, Google another.

School boards

Oh look, here's an email from our Muscogee County School Board members. It's so nice to hear from them, isn't it? I wonder what they've been up to lately. They hardly ever make the news:


(Columbus, GA) -- The Muscogee County Board of Education will hold a Called Board meeting at the Muscogee County Public Education Center, which is located at 2960 Macon Road on the following date: Monday, March 25, 2013 at 5 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is ... to take action on an item to declare real estate located at 1112 29th Street as surplus.

Dear Board:

You're ditching the old industrial school? Will it become loft apartments?

Puck it

Oh look, here's an email from the folks at the Columbus Hockey Association. It's so nice to hear from them, isn't it? I wonder what they've been up to lately. They hardly ever make the news:


We'd love to get some publicity for these boys in a sport that gets little or none … the Columbus Junior Snakes -- members of the Columbus Hockey Association. They are a high school team, part of the Georgia Student Hockey League. We are the only team in the league not in the Atlanta area. We finished the season with a 13-6 record and a second place finish in the state tournament. The championship game was on March 14, the fourth straight night we traveled to Duluth, Ga.:

Coach Marcel Richard, Michael Murphy (Early College Academy. Columbus), Bailey McNany (Lee County), Parker Prefontaine (Harris County), Rhett King (Harris County), Greg Sedlar (Northside), "captain" Rob Monfort (Columbus), Timmy Murphy (Northside), Nick Novak (East Coweta), William Quesnell (Smiths Station), Miller Gantt (Northside), Nick House (Northside), Colin Tate (Glenwood), D.J. Peters (home school), coach Steve Novak, Nic Gardner, McKenzie Stringfellow (Northside) … Jake Cox and Aaron Guillaume (both Northside), Dylan Haskell (Harris County).


Jimmy Monfort.

Dear Jimmy:

You don't let kids take hockey sticks to school, do you? I'm pretty sure that's against the weapons policy and could provoke an investigation, were administrators to feel threatened.

How that Harris County shotgun team gets away with it is beyond me.

Tim Chitwood, tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.com, 706-571-8508.

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