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Hutson Mason discusses scrimmage:

Georgia held its first scrimmage of the spring on Tuesday afternoon. Here are the stats, as compiled and provided by head statistician Mark Richt, along with some notes.

Hutson Mason: 14-23, 186, 1 TD, 2 INT
Christian LeMay: 1-11, 13 yards
Parker Welch: 5-10, 33 yards, 1 INT
Brice Ramsey: 6-10, 51 yards, 3 INT

Keith Marshall: 11 rushes for 71 yards
J.J. Green: 6-6 yards
Brandon Harton: 5-5
Todd Gurley: 2-15
Kyle Karempelis: 3-21

Chris Conley: 3 catches for 72 yards, 1 TD
Blake Tibbs: 4-42
Malcolm Mitchell: 3-30
Rhett McGowan: 2-21
Justin Scott-Wesley: 2-40
Michael Erdman: 2-29

Ramik Wilson: 7 tackles
Connor Norman: 3 tackles
Tray Matthews: 4 tackles, 1 PD
Amarlo Herrera: 2 tackles
Ryne Rankin: 2 tackles
T.J. Stripling: 2 tackles, 2 sacks
Lucas Redd: 1 tackle, 1 sack
Ray Drew: 3 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 TFL
Garrison Smith: 2 tackles
Josh Harvey-Clemons: 3 tackles
Jordan Jenkins: 3 tackles, 2 sacks
Josh Dawson: 1 tackle, 1 TFL
Reggie Carter: 2 tackles, 1 INT
Marc Deas: 2 tackles
Sheldon Dawson: 1 tackle, 2 INT
Chris Mayes: 2 tackles
John Atkins: 1 tackle, 1 TFL, 1 sack


- Hutson Mason had most of the first-team reps, as Aaron Murray was in Atlanta receiving an award.

"Hutson I thought did a nice job. There were some balls that got thrown sideways for everybody. But Hutson, he's got a nice feel of what we're doing, and getting everybody lined up," Richt said. "He's going into his fourth year in the system, so he's very capable of running the show."

- LeMay's stat line was very ugly, but Richt was more upbeat.

"There's a bunch of dropped balls today. I don't know if they were all LeMay's that were thrown, but a lot of them were," Richt said. "The thing I like about Christian is he's getting a better feel of how to run the show, and how to get everyone lined up. He spent a little of his time with the young receivers and just trying to get everyone lined up where they're supposed to be. And changing protections at the line, and make good decisions in the run game. So he's improving."

- As for Ramsey, his interceptions were the result of some deep balls and participating on the third-team, which still has a lot of rust. At least that was Richt's explanation. And to be fair, it's not like Ramsey needs to be ready to play anytime soon.

"I think every ball he threw hit somebody's hands. Three was the defense," Richt said, laughing. "The rest hit the offense, so that was good."

- Safety Tray Matthews continues to impress, as he was the first one Richt mentioned - with no hesitation - when asked if any early enrollees had impressed.

"He made two early tackles that I thought were very outstanding, runs that I thought looked like they might have broke a little longer, but he aggressively came and made a couple nice open-field tackles," Richt said. "It was Marshall, and he did a good job of wrapping him up in the open field a couple times."

- The amount of sacks shouldn't be a reflection of a poor performance by the offensive line. Richt said a lot of them were in a third-and-long drill. Richt estimated about half of them happened there.

"I didn't think we had a big issue there," Richt said.

- Why did Marshall get so many carries, and only two for Gurley? Richt said there wasn't any significance to it, that Gurley played a lot, it just happened to be in pass situations.

- Kicker Marshall Morgan was 1-for-3, but the misses included a 60-yarder and another long one.

"He made the one realistic yardage kick," Richt said.

- Not every player who recorded a stat was included. Richt said about eight or nine players had at least one or two catches, and nobody with just one tackle was listed.

- Georgia will hold its next scrimmage this Saturday.

Ramik Wilson interview:

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