Karl Douglass: A time for sacrifice

March 30, 2013 

During Lent, and particularly during Holy Week, I, like many people, have done a lot of reflecting. After a good deal of meditation and prayer and exhortation to God about the things I want to see come to pass, it all seems to come down to a single question, "What are you willing to give up to get it?"

Most often, we answer the question in terms of the material goods or creature comforts we are willing to go without. We say we are willing to give up desserts to lose weight. We say we are willing to give up shopping in order to save money to buy a house. We say we are willing to go without a vacation to make sure the kids have enough money for school.

We seldom answer the question in terms of the less tangible. It is rare for any of us to suggest that, in order to bring into being the things we ask for, we are willing to give up a particular perspective or belief or bias.

There are some views I cling to about myself and the world around me. If I want to experience the fullness of God in the life that I have remaining on Earth, I need to give some of them up. Not all of them, but definitely some. That is a hard thing to admit.

But just because it is hard to admit doesn't make it any less true. I have to let go of some of my preconceptions in order to have room to receive the true blessings of the earthly life that has been designed for me. Everyone - and by everyone, I mean every person walking the planet - has the same issue. Each of us has at least one thing, and likely several, about our being that needs to be crucified so that a right spirit can be resurrected within us.

Regardless of whether you refer to today as Easter or Resurrection Sunday, recognize the day as part of Pesach or think of it is just another Sunday, there is at least one belief or bias or notion you need to give up in order to open up the opportunity to experience the fullness of life on Earth. So the question is simple: Are you willing to do it?

Karl Douglass, Columbus native and resident, is a frequent commenter on local, state and federal politics. Follow him on Twitter@KarlDouglass or facebook.com/karldouglass.

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