No Shame Theater is a night of fun

Posted on March 30, 2013 

I have never been to No Shame Theater. It's not because I didn't want to go. I just went on nights that it was sold out and couldn't get in.

Tonight, however, Cameron Bean promised that I'd get in if I got there by 10 p.m.

I got there about 10 minutes before 10 p.m. and I was about sixth in line.

If you haven't been, it's an easy concept.

If you want to perform or watch, you must be 18-years-old.

To perform, you must sign up in advance and the first 15 people can perform in five minute time slots.

There's an intermission called a beer break.

Tonight, there were stand-up comedians, singers who did original material, a couple of original skits, improv and the legendary Four Guys.

Four Guys are Adam Archer, Cameron Bean, Jim Pharr and Michael Stiggers. Cameron and Jim work at the Springer Opera House. Adam is doing improv in Chicago and is in town since he's starring in "The Big Friendly Giant." Michael is working professionally in Atlanta. He did a performance tonight and came down just for tonight.

These young men are supremely talented and are alumni of Columbus State University's department of theater. Just watching these guys made me realize how good that department is. And it's not just these guys.

Just go see a production in the Riverside Theater Complex. Or at the Springer. You'll see what I'm talking about after watching a show or two.

Of course, the Four Guys didn't let me get away unscathed. They brought me on stage and serenaded me with their one and only "love" song.

I haven't laughed so much in a long time. The song is about their love for an older woman. As a real senior.

I mean, I know I'm 60, but I'm not your typical 60-year-old woman. And I'm sticking to that story.

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