Walking Dead recap: Who died on The Walking Dead Season 3 finale?

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comMarch 31, 2013 

The Season 3 finale of "The Walking Dead" aired March 31 on AMC. The folks behind the popular series said 27 people would die during the episode. Did it meet expectations? Here's a recap of the show.


The episode kicks off with a creepy close-up of the Governor's face. He's torturing somebody. The logical guess is Andrea, but that's not the case. It's Milton, the scientist. "You were taking a risk, getting your hands dirty," the Governor tells him, apparently referring to that little fire incident. A bloody, shaken-up Milton asks him, "What would your daughter think about who you are?"

The Governor says, "She'd be afraid of me." But he adds that if he operated like this a long time ago, perhaps his daughter would've had a different fate. Milton ends up in the torture room where Andrea's being kept. The Governor tells him to get the torture instruments and kill Andrea. "You're going to show me that you've learned something," he says.

Milton takes the torture instrument, but turns around and tries to kill the Governor. Not so fast. The Governor sees through the plan and attacks Milton. In their world, "you kill or you die, or you die and you kill," the Governor says.

Seven minutes into the show and we already have a casualty? It's going to be a good night.

After the first commercial break, we're at the prison, where everybody is preparing for the big throwdown. Carl is apparently upset about something. What's new? In a heart-to-heart chat with Rick, Michonne thanks him for keeping her in the group. "It was Carl that made the call," Rick says.

Back to the Governor: He's instructing his team about the upcoming attack. Tyreese and Sasha approach the Governor and say they won't be joining him on his little adventure. They want to stay at Woodbury and defend the kids. The Governor's response? He walks toward them with a massive gun. Will he kill them? Nope. He hands over the gun and says, "Thank you."

The Governor and company arrive on the prison grounds, kill a bunch of walkers outside and enter the prison. They can't find anyone inside. However, the Governor finds a Bible with a highlighted passage. I believe it's John 5:29.

With that, we're back at the torture room, where we learn Milton is alive. He tells Andrea there's a torture instrument near her feet and she might be able to escape. Andrea has grand plans for the future. But Milton says once she's free, "You are going to find something very sharp and you are going to stab me in the head." He's on his way to becoming a walker.

What are Tyreese and Sasha up to? Good question. They're guarding the women and children, but also privately wondering what they'll do when the Governor returns.

Time for a glimpse back inside the torture room, where Andrea tells Milton about the night she almost killed the Governor in his sleep. She didn't follow through because she wanted to resolve things a different way. "I didn't want anyone to die," she says. Milton responds, "I'm still here. I'm still alive." With that, Andrea desperately tries to grab the torture instrument on the ground with her feet so she can escape.

Back inside the prison, smoke prompts the Governor and company to evacuate, which prompts presumably the first phase of the throwdown. There are guns, loud noises, etc. Hershel, Carl, Beth and the baby are in the woods. Carl is mad he's not part of the main action. The crew at the prison drives the Governor and company out. For now.

In the woods, a young man with a gun crosses paths with Hershel's crew. The young man, likely from the Woodbury group, is scared. They ask him to hand over the weapon. As he's doing so, Carl kills him. When Carl reunites with Rick in the prison, he says it was self-defense. "I did my job out there," he says. Privately, Hershel tells Rick that Carl overreacted. "He gunned that kid down," Hershel says, even though Rick seems to believe Carl.

But the Carl drama is minor compared to everything else that's going on. Both sides must decide how to proceed with the throwdown.

Rick's crew wants to return to Woodbury to wrap this thing up. As the Governor is on the road with his team, he stops and tells them they must continue the throwdown with the prison crew. The group isn't to thrilled about the idea. So how does the Governor react? He kills almost all of them. Among the dead: Allen from Tyreese's group.

Fortunately, there's still time for Carl and Rick to have a father-son chat. Carl acknowledges that the young man he killed was surrendering his weapon. But he adds, "I couldn't take the chance." He encourages Rick to kill the Governor ASAP.

Rick, Daryl and Michonne hit the road while the rest of the group guards the prison. The trio on the road encounters the aftermath of the Governor's rampage -- you know, that moment when he killed pretty much everybody on his own team. Surprisingly, Karen survived.

In the torture room, Andrea is very close to escaping. But wait: Milton is waking up...as a walker. He approaches Andrea and then we simply get a shot of the door and creepy walker eating noises coming from inside the room.

Rick and company arrive at Woodbury, where Tyreese is on guard. He initially freaks out, but then Karen speaks up and updates Tyreese on the Governor's freak out. "They saved me," she says, referring to Rick's group.

Rick's crew enters Woodbury and finds the torture room. When they open the door, they see Milton on the ground. Andrea is alive, but she has a massive bite on her neck. Once again, she explains why she didn't kill the governor earlier. "I just didn't want anyone to die," she says.

Aware of her zombie fate, Andrea asks to shoot herself. Michonne stays with her. The guys go outside the room. We see them standing outside the door and we hear a gunshot inside. RIP, Andrea.

In the show's final scene, Rick and company return to the prison -- with a bus carrying the people from Woodbury (sans Governor, of course). Rick informs his group that the Woodbury group is joining them in the prison. Carl does NOT seem happy.

So...what did you think? Will you miss Andrea?

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