Georgia adopts a "Bulldog Bold" uniform approach

semerson@macon.comApril 2, 2013 

ATHENS - Georgia announced a slight change in football uniforms on Tuesday, part of what it's calling a branding effort so that all it's teams have similar uniforms.

The numbering on the football team's uniforms will now be more rounded than in prior years. And now all teams that have the school name or nickname on their jersey will use the same font: Bulldog Bold, a font created by Nike as part of the branding effort.

Georgia also has a new "secondary logo," a version of a Bulldog face. But the "G" logo will still be the main emphasis and remain on the football team's helmets.

But there are no major changes to the uniforms: Georgia won't change any color combinations.

You can watch the video above to see athletics director Greg McGarity and the Nike representative explain the changes. Off stage, McGarity said he and UGA staved off feelers from Nike to try different color combinations.

"They had a lot of different things. But we feel like we've got the best uniform in college football, both road and home. So why mess with it," McGarity said. "We tried it one time and it didn't work out too well."

The changes to the football uniforms aren't as drastic as the now-infamous pro combat uniforms worn for the 2011 Boise State game. But interestingly enough, Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray said the material for the new uniforms will be the same, making him a fan.

"The material's the biggest difference," Murray said. "I loved it, it's a lot more flexible, it's really like you're not wearing anything out there."

McGarity also said that eventually the pants the football team wears could eventually be a more obvious silver, rather than the grayish ones the team wears now. Officially the team still wears silver britches, but slight changes in fabric over the years has altered it.

"As new technology comes up, as new fabric becomes available, you'll see that morph into maybe more (like) our silver britches," McGarity said. "It all has to do with what kind of fabric and color these people do. You know, kind of like the (Dallas) Cowboys wear? That's the kind of silver you'd like to get, which is kind of like what we used to have, which had kind of a shine to them. It just depends on how fast they can get that material. ...

"That'd be the goal, to get it back to the silver britches. That's the overall goal. And Nike's one of the few that can do that, because they've got some of it in the NFL now."

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