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semerson@macon.comApril 3, 2013 

ATHENS - Don't worry, I have a bunch of actual football stuff on this here blog, and all over this web site. But just as an aside I'd like to return to a point about Georgia's new branding effort, and no I don't mean the very slight change in the uniforms, which might have gone overlooked had Georgia not announced it.

UGA also revealed a new drawing, which you see to the right, of what it's calling a secondary logo. It's sort of modeled after Uga, and after Hairy Dawg, but is really a new creation.

"The logo is strong, iconic and ferocious, accurately reflecting characteristics of the animal itself as well as the spirit of Georgia athletics," reads a UGA press release on the secondary logo, which will still take a backseat to the "G" logo.

This is all well and good, but the new secondary logo lacks a certain something: A name. I checked with Greg McGarity on this, and in one of the high-level interviews I conduct with the Georgia athletics director, he confirmed that the secondary logo will not have a name.

Which means we need to give him one.

This is important, people: If the logo is going to be on T-shirts, shorts, hats and Mike Woods' head, it needs a name. "Secondary logo" just doesn't have a ring to it.

Submit your pick in the comment section below, or e-mail me. I prefer posts, however. Help me do a public service, for once.

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