The Jordan Jenkins' comedy hour

semerson@macon.comApril 4, 2013 

ATHENS - Spring practice is in the home stretch, and Jordan Jenkins is in a good mood. Actually, in the nine months he's been on campus, Jenkins has always seemed to be in a good mood.

But Georgia's effervescent outside linebacker was particularly loquacious after Thursday's practice, when he stopped to talk to the media on the way to a team banquet. And as you read all this, it's important to note that Jenkins was laughing pretty much the whole way - so anyone offended, well, shouldn't be.

Jenkins touched on a number of subjects, many of which he brought up himself, including:

- The Auburn allegations: This was all before the ESPN story broke. Jenkins was just referring to journalist Selena Roberts' story, which alleged payments to players, academic fraud and other shenanigans.

"Some of that stuff is -" Jenkins then made a whistling sound. "Glad I didn't go there."

Jenkins said he read about half the story on Wednesday night, then decided to go to sleep.

"I believe a little bit of it," Jenkins said. "Some of it's a little hearsay. I think some stuff might've been going on. But some of it's a little far-fetched, I think."

Jenkins said none of that ever happened to him while he was being recruited.

"The closest thing I ever got was ... I don't even know. I had no shady recruitment," he said. "If someone had offered me a million dollars I would've thought about it for a second. Then I probably would've said no. But I don't know: For a million dollars you probably would've been able to get a good enough lawyer."

- G-Day:Jenkins went on for awhile about it, starting with his readiness for kickoff to arrive.

"I just wanna play. Forget all this practice and school tomorrow," Jenkins said.

Then he complained that one of his teachers can't speak English well, a situation he had last semester too, and if it happens again he might transfer.

(Memo to Georgia coaches and academic advisers: Jenkins was kidding.)

Jenkins then moved on to offensive players he wanted to hit during the spring game. Few players went unnamed.

"I'm gonna try to get a couple hits on Todd (Gurley). Because I didn't hit him all last season in practice, and I think I hit him once in a scrimmage," Jenkins said. "Todd's been talkin' a lot of trash. I need to hit Todd. And I hope we get a stunt where I get to hit (offensive linemen) David (Andrews) and Dallas (Lee), because those guys decided to blind-side me on (a drill.)"

Jenkins also had a suggestion for the officials.

"They better call a holding call, because (John) Theus has been holding a lot lately. And David's been holding a lot," he said. "And they need to make sure that when we grab the quarterback that Murray starts running, otherwise we might have to thud him up a little bit."

- The next real game.: The good news for Georgia coaches is that Jenkins stopped short of guaranteeing a win over Clemson. Even he knew that was going too far.

"I don't wanna say I know we'll beat them, I don't wanna sound cocky," he said. "But I know I'm ready to play them. Get ready to get after Tajh Boyd a little bit."

- Reuben Foster: Finally, a nugget never before revealed: Jenkins' sister once went to prom with Foster, the highly-touted recruit who signed with Alabama.

"He came over a couple times," Jenkins said of Foster. "Pretty good kid. I'm ready to see what he's gonna do in college."

Back during recruiting, during a Dawg Night on Georgia's campus, Foster once hit Theus so hard on the nose that Theus fell down.

"Every since then me and another guy from my high school that knows Reuben, every time we see Reuben we yell "Timber," because that's what everyone was yelling when Theus fell," Jenkins said.

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