Katie McCarthy: 'Mad Men' returns Sunday with season 6

April 5, 2013 

It wasn’t 17 months, but any time spent away from Don Draper and Joan Harris is too long, if you ask me.

On Sunday, the AMC period drama "Mad Men" returns for its sixth season a mere 10 months after the season five finale.

And thank goodness for that.

While I spent the extended break between the fourth and fifth seasons rewatching the entire series, I've only viewed each of the season five episodes once.

But if you've yet to catch up on what is perhaps the greatest drama currently (ever?) on television, you'll be happy to know that all five seasons are available on Netflix instant stream.

Granted, you only have two days to digest it all, but if you start now (say, 8 a.m. today) and shirk every other responsibility, you should be able to fit them all in before 9 p.m. Sunday -- and maybe even sneak in a nap or two (trust me, I did the math).

It just might be worth it.

Creator and producer Matthew Weiner has said that the show will only have seven seasons, making this the penultimate.

It's never too late to jump on the bandwagon.

I generally like to speculate about what the upcoming season might hold, but I'm almost never on the mark. So instead, in true Draper-form, I'd like to make a pitch.

Here are the reasons you should invest your time in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Harris? Campbell?):

• Jon Hamm is phenomenal. And he's probably the sexiest man on television right now (aside from Blake Shelton, but I don't count reality TV). Seeing Hamm in other roles, like the stupid but good-looking guy on "30 Rock," only reinforces what an great actor he is and how he brings Draper to life.

Last year on "Inside the Actor's Studio," it was revealed that casting directors were afraid he wasn't sexy enough for the role. I hope those people were fired.

• When it began, the series was set in 1960. On Sunday, it's rumored to start off at the end of 1967. Fashion of the late '50s to early '60s is a favorite of mine, and "Mad Men" has helped revive that trend. The look of this show is absolutely stunning. From the costuming, hair and makeup to Don and Megan's NYC apartment, the show oozes style in a way that makes me nostalgic for a time during which I didn't even live. It's that good.

• Even unlikable characters are compelling in some way. If you've listened to the hype (and it's all true), you know the writing is top-notch. These aren't flat characters we're dealing with here and even the weasly Pete Campbell is nuanced and sympathetic sometimes.

• Ever wish you could drink on the job? "Mad Men" will show you the pros and cons of that dated practice. But the food and drinks of the time are another great reason to watch. "The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook" features fare from the show's first four seasons and makes a great resource for premiere parties.

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