From the locker room: "We are nowhere near where we need to be offensively"

semerson@macon.comApril 6, 2013 

Some of the comments from the locker room after Georgia's spring game, when the defense somewhat surprisingly had a better day.

Mark Richt, head coach

- On Jonathan Rumph, who had two touchdown catches:

"It was his best day, no doubt, and it was good for him to have that type of day. Today's the kind of day that helps give a guy confidence, and helps him feel like he belongs. ... But to be fair to him he's got a ways to go, he's got a lot to learn as well. He's getting there. I'd like to see him become a bit more physical in some of the jump-ball type situations and take advantage of the height and the strength that he has."

- On the offensive line:

"I thought pass protection overall was pretty good. I know there's some sacks in there. It's so hard to call these games, what would be a sack (because of no-tackling of quarterbacks). Most of the game I thought we protected well. The running game, it was kind of hit and miss as far as how well we blocked up front. But some of that had to do with our D-line. I think our D-line is really doing a nice job."

Mike Bobo, offensive coordinator

- The state of the offense:

“There’s no doubt about it, we are nowhere near where we need to be offensively. And we gotta do a good job as a coaching staff and as players to finish strong this week and have a good summer. If we think we’re just gonna show up and (win) we’re gonna be sadly mistaken. We’re gonna get our tails kicked.”

- On the defense:

“I think they played hard, they did a nice job. I never expected to come out and go up and down the field in any practice or any scrimmage,” Bobo said. “They’ve got good players over there. We gotta do a better job of executing and do a better job of running the ball, and calling more runs. I was a little bit disappointed in the (No. 1) offense this week in the effort and execution.”

- On the performance of Jonathan Rumph:

"That's really the first time all spring he's made some plays. That was good to see, and hopefully that'll give him some confidence."

- On Gurley and Marshall not being very involved:

“We didn’t really try to establish the run game that much, and it probably hurt us in the long run."

Todd Grantham, defensive coordinator

- Summing up the game:

“I see us getting better with every practice. I mean I really see us improving as a defense the more that we take the field. ... We got things to work on, I mean I look at that as a third preseason scrimmage. It’s kind of unique. That first drive there they got some points, and I thought some guys were a little nervous, their eyes weren’t where they should be. There were also some plays they hadn’t seen before. But once we got in the flow of the game and the things that we’ve repped, and it was things they knew, really until the (last drive) before half I thought they did a good job.”

- On Josh Harvey-Clemons:

“He’s a guy that can black in the back (as a safety). He’s a guy that can play in the front as an outside backer. I think he’s a guy that moving forward towards the line of scrimmage that can cause plays and do some things. … There’s certain guys on your team that you look for explosive plays out of, and I think he’s one of those guys.”

- On Tray Matthews:

“Covering-wise he’s really athletic. He’s a good tackler in space. He has the range and the skill set to be a free safety. And he’s physical, so that means he can drop down in the box. He’s not one-dimensional. He’s a dual guy there. He’s a guy I’m really pleased with. He’s young man, just let the guy go play.”

- On Reggie Carter:

“Reggie got another interception, that’s three in three scrimmages. And he’s a downhill backer that when he tackles guys he squares them up. He’s a guy that understands what happened the last play and can make corrections. I’m really pleased with his progress. I think once we blend his team and get everyone back together he’s obviously a guy that’s gonna be competing for playing time, if not a starting spot.”

Aaron Murray, quarterback

- On the offensive line:

"I thought they played well. It's tough to really get a feel when the quarterbacks can't get tackled, so you just never really know exactly what's gonna happen in a real-life game."

- The offensive performance:

"It's not like we're gonna run up and down on our defense. We were moving guys in and out all day, I mean it's tough to get in any kind of rhythm when you're shifting in and out. We don't gameplan for our defense. We're not in there watching film of our defense, knowing exactly what kind of coverages they're bringing, what kind of blitzes they're bringing. We're just out there running our offense and trying to make plays. It's completely different when you're gameplanning for a team and you know exactly what they're doing on first down, exactly what they're doing on second down, and third down, and you're able to play off that. It's just very different."

- In other words, Bobo is playing bad cop and Murray good cop:

"That's his job. I've gotta make sure everyone's smiling at the end of the day."

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