Monday Mail: Violence is bad for public relations

tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.comApril 7, 2013 

Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death, and it's Monday Mail.

Days of wrath

How about all those homicides we had in the first three months of this year? We had only one more than in the first quarter of last year, but the rapid series of late has some folks on edge.

Apparently some are on edge not because of the crime, but because it's being reported online.

Here's an online posting to one of those reports from ster402005:

Has anyone noticed at all, and I mean period, that continued posting of bad things usually, if not always, drives those who live in town out, and keeps those who aren't in town far away from coming here? I mean C'MON! Whoever the PR is for Columbus should be fired on the spot, and suspensions should be handed down to anyone who doesn't understand that when you are trying to promote new things in any town, you do not throw stories of crime and misery on the Internet for the WORLD to see. If Disney had written stories of tales of woe all the time before he opened theme parks, I doubt anyone would show up expecting a good time.

Dear ster402005:

OK, if we ever hire some PR people, we'll fire their boss and suspend the rest.

How would you like them suspended? Ropes? Cables? Ziplines? Swings?

Are you sure Disney had no tales of woe? I thought one of the seven dwarfs was a real bummer.

And another thing

Here's a similar post from the same source, this one appended to another recent homicide report:

The coolest thing is, this goes worldwide. Now expect visitors here after Chitwood basically destroyed it.

Dear ster402005:

And now that you have unearthed our sinister plot, Mr. Bond, you must be disposed of -- slowly, with great suspense, perhaps leaving you only an instant to escape and foil our insidious scheme. (Evil laughter:) Ha ha ha ha ha!

The toll

Here's a posting from JusticeHunter to an April 2 report saying Columbus had eight slayings in this year's first three months:

EIGHT MURDERS ... and it's only the beginning of APRIL! REAL SAFE city this Columbus, Ga., huh? I mean, if you listen to the bull… spewed by the … city council, the sheriff's department, and other official organizations of this rat hole, Columbus is the WORLD'S SAFEST city. OK! EIGHT MURDERS in only three months! Real "SAFE"!

Dear JusticeHunter

Are you OK? You seem a little stressed.

Actually it was nine. Another shooting victim died the evening before that story was published.

Tim Chitwood,, 706-571-8508.

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