Muscogee juvenile corrections officers face contraband charges

April 19, 2013 

Two juvenile corrections officers with the Muscogee Youth Development Campus face contraband charges and have been placed on immediate suspension without pay, according to an April 19 news release from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.

Juvenile corrections officer Anthony Harvey of the Muscogee Youth Development Campus was arrested on felony charges of Crossing the Guard Line with a Controlled Substance (Contraband), misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana and misdemeanor charges of Violation of Oath of Office, the release notes.

The department also announced the pending arrest of Muscogee YDC juvenile corrections officer Keith Spruills, who faces felony charges of Crossing Guard Lines with Contraband, felony charges of Introducing Contraband Inside a Juvenile Secure Facility, and misdemeanor charges of Violation of Oath of Office, according to the news release.

It's part of a long-term Department of Juvenile Justice effort to crack down on illegal contraband smuggling at the YDC, the release notes. It adds:

"JCO Anthony Harvey has worked as a Juvenile Corrections Officer at DJJ’s Muscogee Youth Development Campus for about six years. He was arrested after a Department of Corrections K-9 Unit ‘alerted’ on Officer Harvey’s vehicle where it was parked inside the ‘guard lines’ during a random security sweep at the Muscogee YDC. DJJ Investigators then discovered marijuana in Harvey’s vehicle.

DJJ Investigators say they have also obtained evidence allegedly linking JCO Spruills to the smuggling of 'cellphones, cigarettes, lighters, and blunt spray' to youths being detained at the Muscogee YDC."

The ongoing DJJ investigation at Muscogee YDC began in October 2012 with a parent's arrest. "The parent was arrested for concealing an illegal cellphone in her clothing in order to smuggle it into her teenage child during her parental visit while school graduation ceremonies were under way," according to the news release.

It adds, "During the ongoing contraband investigation time frame, two other Muscogee YDC juvenile corrections officers submitted their resignations and a third officer was administratively terminated."

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