Ledger Inquirer: Once beautiful house and yard in Lokey Estates fall into disrepair

April 21, 2013 

A Concerned Reader in Lokey Estates, as well as his neighbors, is tired of looking at the run-down house at the corner of Lokey Drive and Daisy Street.

He said it's been uninhabited for years and is falling into disrepair. My reader says it appears someone comes and goes at the house occasionally, but the yard, especially on the side, is overgrown and unkempt.

The driveway, which runs off Daisy back behind the house, is littered with trash and household junk. The house also has a swimming pool that's apparently not being taken care of, and we all know what that can be like in the summer.

All in all, not a pretty picture in what is an otherwise very nice neighborhood off Whitesville Road near Double Churches.

"The sad thing is, this house used to be the nicest house and yard in the neighborhood," my caller said.

I called Greg Coates, director of Codes and Inspection, which is one department that might look into the situation. If there are problems with the house, his people will look into it. If there's a problem with the yard, then Special Enforcement would get the call.

Coates said he would have someone look at the overall situation and hand it off to Special Enforcement, if that's what's warranted.

For the record, city code prohibits people from having "solid waste" all over their property. That includes: "garbage, rubbish, trash, ashes, industrial waste, residue from incineration, abandoned and/or junked motorized vehicles, demolition wastes, construction wastes, junk, special wastes, and any other waste material in a solid or semisolid state," according to city code.

I don't know if stuff in the driveway and backyard on Lokey Drive qualifies, but we'll soon find out.

Stay tuned.


Speaking of Codes and Inspection, Coates assured me that he would have an inspector go out to the house we wrote about two weeks ago, the powder blue brick number on Singer Drive.

We'll see what happens there. In the meantime, I drove back out there to see if the report two weeks ago might have motivated someone to work on the house.

Nope. The trash and pile of yard waste are still in the yard and the big oak limb is still resting on the roof.

And it's still blue.

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