High school baseball: Is 5 innings enough to break Columbus, Carrollton tie?

dmitchell@ledger-enquirerApril 23, 2013 

Columbus High won its baseball game against Sandy Creek on Tuesday, 8-2.

That's the good news for the Blue Devils. The bad news is that Carrollton also won 8-0 over LaGrange, leaving the two teams in a deadlock with region play now complete.

Both are 11-3, tied for first in Region 5-AAAA in the region and split the regular-season series. The solution is that coaches of both teams will meet on Wednesday to flip a coin to determine who will host a five-inning mini-game. The winner of that five-inning contest will be the de facto region champs.

Here's my only question, and I mean it with no negativity whatsoever:

Why play just five innings?

It's the way the state conducts its mini-games and, I assume, the region has decided to do things the same way. But why, if five innings are going to be played, don't we just make a mini-game a full game and decide the region that way.

Those extra two innings probably aren't going to hurt a team in the opening round of the playoffs, but it would give us a full third game between the two teams to decide definitively which had the better regular season.

In five innings, you don't get the same fatigue from the pitchers that you might in seven. Which pitcher can handle a lineup multiple times through often determines which team comes out on top. Batters are have less at-bats, preventing them from getting as good a feel from the opposing hitter.

I don't know. It just seems like a full game wouldn't be too difficult and could give us a better idea of the better squad.

Plus, these teams have been very close this year, and with the region on the line who wouldn't want to see more baseball between the two?

What do you think? Is five innings enough, or would you rather see a full game played to break the tie.

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