Move over ladies, there's a gastrosexual in the kitchen

Posted on April 24, 2013 

Single women who love food and want to share cooking duties with their future husbands might want to ask potential partners if they consider themselves "gastrosexuals."

Don't worry, gastro isn't short for, um, flatulence. It's short for gastronomy, as in the art of food eating.

So what's a gastrosexual and why is it a good thing? According to this study from the Future Foundation gastrosexuals are characterized as "upwardly mobile" males ages 25-44, who are aware and passionate about global cuisines and cook to showcase their culinary skills. "The term 'gastrosexual' emphasizes the gastronomical aspect that cooking has taken for this group and expresses the idea that masculinity and cooking are no longer mutually exclusive," according to the study.

Canadian celebrity chef, author, and proud gastrosexual Ted Reader explains the concept. “Cooking for the gastrosexual isn’t just what they’re going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s an expression of their passion for food. Gastrosexuals are all about experimenting with new food not only for themselves but also for loved ones… What better way to impress a date than a fancy home cooked meal?”

“The gastrosexuals are the guys that love food and look at cooking as more of a hobby than a chore,” said Reader in a news release. “For me, there isn’t much better than firing up the BBQ and grilling dinner for my family and that’s how many of my fellow gastrosexuals feel.”

I'm proud to say my husband, Jeff, is a gastrosexual. Let's hope he appreciates the term, too!

For more information on the study, go here.

Learn more about Ted Reader here. Check out the interview I did with Ted last summer here. We chatted about beer and grilled meat. It was definitely a fun interview!

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