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Special to her magazineApril 30, 2013 

A shared love of the beach was the inspiration for the creation of the Citrine Swim line.

Southern-born beach lovers Caroline Hay and Erica Segerberg became friends when they were vacationing in Maui.

Entrepreneurial inspiration struck after the duo had spent time surfing, doing yoga, making jewelry and basically just being "beach dwellers."

Less than a year later, the two southern belles turned surfer chicks had created Citrine Swim.

For this month's fashion feature, her magazine had an exclusive interview with Caroline and Erica, who were in town recently for a trunk show featuring their swimwear.

Body image

Caroline and Erica say a commonality among island-living women is that they are more carefree about their body images. They embrace the bodies they've been given and don't dwell on flaws and imperfections.

On beaches in Maui and other islands, they say it's common to see women of all shapes and sizes wearing bikinis. Stateside, both believe women become overly modest and uptight about their bodies. The two have developed the motto "swim and be free" with hopes of helping U.S. women embrace their body types.

"Don't be scared! If you like it, wear it. Don't think about what others think and it's ok to go out of your comfort zone," they say.

When choosing a swimsuit, women should feel beautiful and be able to move around freely.

Island inspiration

Their travels to Maui, Bali and New Zealand inspired their collection and each swim suit's name reflects their adventures and where they're from.

When it came to designing the patterns for the suits, they consulted Tami Snodgrass, a Maui surfer, graphic designer and the owner of a clothing company.

The edgy and rebellious patterns she creates as a graphic designer appealed to Erica and Caroline.

They call Tami a "wild child genius whose art is phenomenal." Tami created story boards based on Erica and Caroline's travels before she designed the swimsuit patterns.

After several consultations with manufacturers, Caroline and Erica were drawn to Bali. Each suit is handmade with Italian Lyrca.

Buying swimsuits

Caroline and Erica brought their relaxed island vibe to Columbus with their trunk show and sale and were traveling around the region this spring on a mission to find Southern boutiques to sell their swimsuits.

Purchase swimsuits online at www.citrineswim.com.

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