Ledger Inquirer: City isn't responsible for clogged ditch

May 5, 2013 

Life's a ditch, they say. Especially when there's one behind your house that's causing rainwater to flood your yard.

It's even worse when it's behind your mother's house, because they also say that when Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy.

That's why Concerned Son Larry Alexander called to report that just such a ditch is running behind his mother's house on Hunter Ridge Circle.

Alexander told me, and I confirmed, that the ditch runs along Hunter Road, outside his mother's rear fence.

The ditch is choked with weeds and even a small Mimosa tree to the point that the flow of water is obviously impeded.

This will be a snap, I thought, which is something one should never think in this line of work.

I called Pat Biegler, director of Public Works for the city, and told her about the situation. When I told her the location, she said she thought Hunter Road became a private road once the pavement ends (which it does about 100 feet before the problem area). She double checked with her staff, who confirmed that yes, it's private. So it's not the city's responsibility.

To make matters worse, the city's GPS map gives no indication of who might own the road.

So Alexander might have to break out the weed whacker and clear it out for his mother. Or maybe a friend of the family could step in, which, we are about to see, happens sometimes.


We have two good updates this week (and yet the paper still costs only 75 cents).

First, you will remember the house on Lokey Drive that was having some upkeep issues.

Turns out the man who owned the house passed away. His granddaughter called to say that her late grandfather had taken great pride in taking care of the yard. Testimony to that was the fact that the man who originally called me about the house said it used to be the nicest kept yard in Lokey Estates. The granddaughter said her grandmother is also having health problems and has moved in with her daughter, so she can't take care of the yard. Well, a longtime friend and co-worker of the grandfather saw the column and sprang into action. He drove over with a load of yard tools and went to work. As you can see from the accompanying picture, he took care of business.

Friends don't get much better than that.

Our other update takes us back to Larry Road, the leaky lane off Edgewood that we wrote about a couple of weeks ago. We reported last week that Water Works planned to bring out the heavy equipment to locate and repair whatever was causing the spring in the middle of the road.

Jeremy Cummings, assistant superintendent of field services for Water Works, said the culprit was a busted water service pipe to a house -- apparently before the pipe got to the water meter or else someone would have had one heck of a water bill.

Cummings said they located the problem, replaced the pipe and put the street back together with a temporary patch. Sometime in the near future, the street repair will be done in a permanent fashion, he said.

But at least the street is dry again.

"It was when I left," Cummings said.

I checked it out myself and sure enough, it's dry as a Baptist picnic.

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