Twitter poll: Should the SEC go to nine games?

semerson@macon.comMay 7, 2013 

The SEC is considering whether to go to a nine-game football schedule, as other conferences have done. Most head coaches are against it, with the notable exception of Nick Saban. The commissioner says it has to be considered. Some administrators are in favor, some are against, some are on the fence.

But what about the fans? I took to Twitter on Tuesday and posed the question: Do you favor the SEC going to nine games, staying at eight, or do you not care? Here were the responses:
Go to nine

Go 9, because not playing Auburn every year isn’t an option, but playing A&M 1 time in 6 years is silly.
- Parrish Walton, @ParrishWalton

Nine games, if only to ensure teams like 'Bama don't avoid Carolina, Georgia and Florida like they did in 2012. It's a joke.
- Alex Ferguson, @viewfromamerica

9 games to keep the two divisions integrated. 8 games with a constant rival from the other side is basically two conferences.
- Collin Montgomery, @CollinMontgomery

Go 9, but problem is that will eliminate a strong OOC matchup like Clemson. #DawgsRunThisState so I'm fine with keeping Tech.
- GATA Dawgs, @BassinDawg

Go 9 and keep AU permanent. Rotate the other 6 teams in the West. 2-2-2 home & away.
- SouthGa Alan, @SouthGaAlan

Will be better for the fans!!! Less cupcake games!!! But SEC teams will have more losses at the end of season!
- DawgsOnTop, @lowaryb

9 game schedule- better games for season ticket holders.
- Nick Coia, @nicoia

9 games, but non-conf needs to be level (e.g. only 1 FCS, at least 1 FBS from big 5).
- Ken Wilkinson, @boxertechnology

Need to go to a 9-game schedule. Waiting to play certain west teams for a decade seems stupid.
- Stan Lanier, @jslanier

Yes. Nine conference games means better games, less time between cross-divisional meetings, and better strength of schedule.
- Biscuit Salad, @BiscuitSalad

Favor. Better to add another conference game rather then Southern, Buffalo, etc.
- Brannon Nix, @B_Nix10

9 game schedule. Being a #bama season ticket holder i hate driving from Macon to watch three cupcake games. #morebang4your$
- Jacob Robinson, @J_Rob_23

It's ok if the SEC expands to 16 teams (hopefully patsies w/ good TV markets). Don't want other conferences to use that against us.
- Jake Sourwood, @kmelton183

I prefer 9 SEC games. Hate playing 4, yes I'm including tech, cupcakes every year.
- Britt Thomason, @Britt_Thomason

9 will likely be necessary with the playoff. I prefer staying at 8 and requiring more higher caliber, FBS non conf opponents.
- Lauren Mullins, @LaurenMullins

I favor 9 games as long as #UGA can keep playing Tech every year. It's our in state rival and wrecking tech every year is great.
- Raleigh, @raldawg92

9 games. If you are in a conference you should play the other teams in your conference at least once every four years.
- Terry James, @tmjames86

Don't see how they can stay at 8 unless the divisions are realigned to preserve traditional rivalries.
- Tim Palmer, @remlapmit

Keep it at eight

Against the grain, I say stay 8. I like having more opportunities for out of conference games we rarely get to play.
- Billy Thompson, @BillyCThompson

8 game. Retains traditional OOC rivalries (like GT) and allows for $-making games to compensate for non-home series like UF.

Against (nine) because it will be more difficult for teams like UGA, USC, and UF which out out of conference in-state rivalries.
- Ashley Griffin, @AshleyTGriffin

I like 8, gives us the freedom to schedule big non-conf games like Clemson, Colorado, etc.
- Bert Brantley, @bertbrantley

Stay at 8. Going to 9 will result in no quality non-conference match ups.
- Quinton Mino, @therealQsauwce

Stay at 8 due to the fact you're already playing in the toughest conference in America. An extra game could cost you a MNC.
- Michael Wiggins, @UGATillIDie

8 games--with 9, we will never play any strong out of conference teams (like Clem) because of the Tech game.
- Blake Davis, @BDavis5

Absolutely stay at 8 games. Keep 2 other for rivalry games and 2 softies.
- Dave Guhde, @DaveGuhde

Stay at 8. We beat up on each other enough. Would love more opportunities to face bigger teams from other conferences.
- Dustin Cleveland, @d_cleveland

Stay at 8 to be able to schedule quality non con games. Need to keep proving #SEC dominance not shy from a fight. #dogsontop.
- Ryan Stepler, @rpstepler

8. Leave room for good non conference games.
- Jamey McMahan, @jameymcmahan75

Eight. Best reason? Non-conference games allow teams to increase or decrease their strength of schedule (i.e. step up).
- Andy Murphy, @lifedecoded

Don't care/Unsure

Don't care as long as we keep our rivalry games intact.
- Jeremy Singletary, @rev_singletary

Don’t care but like the SEC games better.
- David Blackwood, @dsblackwood

The south's oldest rivalry needs to stay intact. If that could remain, then I have no problem. Sadly, I don't see it being kept.
- Chadwick Sentell, @Chadwicksentell

If it means we get to keep Auburn as a permanent opponent, OK. Otherwise, I'd favor eight.
- Kyle McInnis, @kylemcinnis

Not sure. Don't know enough about pros & cons.
- Morris Jackson, @morris_jackson

And a fourth suggestion ...

We should play 100% SEC games. All of them.
- Joe Hostetler, @hostetlerjoe

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