Update: International Marketplace lessor says eviction notice has been filed for Club Cream owners

tstevens@ledger-enquirer.comMay 8, 2013 

Update (Thursday, 12:36 p.m.):

The lessor of the shopping center where Club Cream is housed said an eviction notice has been filed for the nightclub with the court house and that he has notified the Mayor's Office and City Manager's Office of the filing as of Wednesday.

Rev. Willie Phillips said he was contacted by International Marketplace lessor Allen Woodall Thursday morning after reading about Club Cream manager Sacorey McKelvey and associate Bolivar Glenn's Recorder's Court hearing Wednesday. Woodall told the reverend that he was taking immediate action to shut the club down.

"They misrepresented what they were supposed to do," Woodall told the Ledger-Enquirer Thursday. "It said on the contract that it was supposed to be a restaurant. They were supposed to open a BBQ restaurant down there. Then, we found out of course they didn't."

Woodall said he was "shocked and disappointed" when he found out that the operators had opened a night club instead. To complicate matters further, Woodall said he is unsure who was the owner of the club, since the name given when the contract was signed was determined to be an alias.

"We don't condone anything like that," Woodall said. "We run an antique mall, a flower shop and a produce place there, and what we really want there is a restaurant. They've been given notice and we'll be very soon throwing them out on the street."

Update (Wednesday, 3:57 p.m.):

Fire Department Chief Ricky Shores said Wednesday afternoon that Bolivar Glenn, 38, and Sacorey McKelvey, 21, have been arrested for two fire safety code violations.

Both Glenn and McKelvey face charges for overcrowding at a venue and failure to secure fire safety doors. They have been taken to Muscogee County Jail.

Original story:

Two employees of Club Cream faced charges of no valid alcohol beverage license and obstruction during a 9 a.m. Recorder's Court hearing Wednesday following a shooting which injured three people Monday morning.

Bolivar Glenn, 38, and Sacorey McKelvey, 21, face charges of obstruction and no valid alcohol beverage license.

Three people were non-fatally wounded during Monday's shooting, which took place at Club Cream on the 300 block of 10th Avenue at about 1:30 a.m.

Police responded to the club to assist the Fire Department in shutting Club Cream down because it was overcrowded. While officers attempted to clear the club, police heard gunfire erupt in the parking lot.

Officer Kenneth Culverson's left inner foot was grazed during the incident. A 19-year-old woman was also shot in the right shoulder, while a 22-year-old man was grazed on his pinkie finger by a bullet.

During Wednesday's hearing, officers focused on the alcohol violations rather than the shooting. A suspect has not yet been named or arrested.

Police told Judge Michael Cielinski that when they entered Club Cream Monday morning, the facility was so crowded that they stopped counting. Though officers were unable to provide an exact number, police said they have responded to Club Cream several times recently for similar violations.

On entering the club, officers noticed several plastic cups that seemed to be distributed by the same person strewn on the floor and tables. Officers said the odors of marijuana and alcohol were also strong when they entered the club, and further investigation revealed items in trashcans with marijuana residue.

After gunfire was heard in the parking lot, officers placed Glenn and McKelvey in custody. As police escorted the two men outside, club occupants were allegedly kicking at the windows in an attempt to escape.

Glenn allegedly told an officer while being transported to Muscogee County Jail that he would "open the club up tomorrow night" and that officers "weren't going to stop him." He also said Club Cream does not have "these kinds of problems" when police are not there, because the club has weapons checks at the door.

Columbus attorney Stacey Jackson argued during the hearing that the alcohol violations should be dropped, since police were only present because of the overcrowding violation and their search of the club was unwarranted. The motion to dismiss those charges was not granted.

When questioned in the hearing, Glenn denied involvement with Club Cream, saying that he only pays rent to the owners. He stated that McKelvey is manager of the club. McKelvey did not confirm this.

Glenn's bond was set at $1,250. McKelvey's bond was set at $1,000.

Civil rights activist Rev. Willie Phillips said Wednesday that his groups, Winterfield on the Move Against Drugs and Stop the Violence, will be holding a rally Saturday on the sidewalk in front of Club Cream.

The reverend was shocked not only to hear about Monday's shooting, but also to hear about Club Cream's existence. He said he believes the club to be indicative of a group of businessmen who open clubs illegally and contribute to crime rates in South Columbus.

"These are not businesses," Phillips said. "These are illegal establishments that are popping up. We've got to be real careful, because these are our children that are going into these places, and the criminals running them do not care about our children as long as they make money."

Phillips also led rallies against the Foxy Lady and Club Majestic during shootings which took place earlier in the year, in which he called for both clubs to be shut down for contributing to violent crime and underage drinking in South Columbus.

The Club Majestic shootings, which took place on New Year's Day and left 24-year-old Charles Foster dead and six others injured, sparked an investigation into the criminal activity surrounding the club. Club owner James Weaver later had his alcoholic beverage license revoked during a Columbus Council meeting March 11.

On March 27, 20-year-old Shannon Calvin Fields, Jr. Fields was shot multiple times inside the Foxy Lady. A suspect in that shooting has not been identified due to a lack of description and lack of motive.

In addition to encouraging citizens to attend Saturday's rally, Phillips said residents should call elected representatives and voice their concerns about club-related crime in South Columbus.

"If people would contact their officials that they elected into office, and let them know how they feel about this, then we could shut down these places before more of our children get hurt," Phillips said. "We need to ask officials to show citizens they care as much about people's children in South Columbus as they do everywhere else."

Correction: Allen Woodall was mistakenly identified as the owner of International Marketplace. The state owns the property, but Woodall leases it.

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