America's Most Redneck City is in Georgia

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comMay 9, 2013 

Add this to your list of reasons to live in Georgia: We have America's Most Redneck City, according to a real estate blog.

Does the honor go to Columbus? Macon? McIntyre, the home of Honey Boo Boo?

Actually, Atlanta is the Most Redneck City in America, based on research conducted by the Movoto real estate blog.

But before you start bragging about your city's sophistication, I'll note the list only considered the 50 largest cities by population in the U.S. Naturally, that means Phenix City wasn't eligible for the title.

The final list of America's Most Redneck Cities was based on factors like the number of Walmarts per capita, the number of country radio stations per capita, the number of NASCAR race tracks nearby and more.

Rounding out the top five redneck cities: Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Nashville and Tulsa.

Discussion time: Is Atlanta really America's Most Redneck City? And if so, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about reality TV's fascination with rednecks.

I think a certain negative stigma still surrounds the term "redneck." Let's just say it's not necessarily a compliment. To an extent, it still generates images of poor education, poor hygiene and an unfaltering Walmart allegiance.

That said, I think public perception of rednecks has evolved -- thanks in part to the influence of reality TV. Despite their quirks, characters on shows like "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and "Ducky Dynasty" also demonstrate a simplicity that is, at times, endearing.

One more question: Population restrictions aside, which place would you label America's Most Redneck City?

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