TIM CHITWOOD: Omens that only come out at night

May 12, 2013 

Stalks up and down like a peacock, a stride and a stand; ruminates like a hostess, it's Monday Mail.

Blood sucker

Look: Columbus made Atlanta's online political newsletter Peach Pundit:

Columbus and the Buckhead area of Atlanta have seen silver thefts over the past year, according to the Columbus Ledger Enquirer. More than $101,000 in silver mint julep cups, pitchers and other items were taken just from the upscale Green Island Hills neighborhood in Columbus, and Atlanta police say that as many as five burglaries in that city may be related to the Columbus thefts. Tip for investigators: Silver is used to kill vampires, so don't overlook that angle. You're welcome.

Dear Pundit:

We don't joke about night stalkers here.


Speaking of roaming the night, the news service Science@NASA warns planets are to align, so goodness knows what omen that could be:

The sunset of May 26 will be extra special. On that date, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will gather in the fading twilight to form a bright triangle only 3 degrees wide. This involves the three brightest planets in May's night sky: Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. The triangle will be visible even in places with heavy urban light pollution.

The best time to look is 30 to 60 minutes after sunset. The three planets will be hugging the horizon, so a clear view of the western sky is essential.

The planets start gathering weeks earlier: May 11-13th, when the crescent moon, Venus, and Jupiter form a long diagonal line jutting upward from the sunset; May 23, when Jupiter and Venus converge to less than 5 degrees apart; May 24, when Mercury passes Venus by less than 2 degrees away.

From beginning to end, the three naked-eye planets will be close enough to fit inside the field of ordinary binoculars from May 23 until June.

Dear NASA:

Once more we warn you that this is a family newspaper, so knock off the "naked-eye" talk.

To be, or not

Here's an email regarding the newspaper's recent coverage of proposed school closings:

So hard you are trying to create a story re: school closing, when it does not exist.

Instead of exclaiming "More than 70 attend school board forum" why not simply, "Some 70...." or if your biased the other way, "Fewer than 8 percent of affected parents...."

This is a three graph story at best.

Be right, be truthful, be objective. Be unique.

Jerry Luquire.

Dear Jerry:

"Be humble" didn't make the list, I see.

Tim Chitwood, tchitwood@ledger-enquirer.com, 706-571-8508.

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