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semerson@macon.comMay 15, 2013 

ATHENS - My wife had a child this morning, a baby boy welcomed into the world at St. Mary's Hospital here in Athens. The mother is fine, and the baby has already received recruiting letters from several SEC football programs.

And yes, it's my child, which will be confirmed once he demands a phone so he can begin tweeting his thoughts on how "Mad Men" is going this year. This is expected to happen about two hours after his birth.

He also shares a birthday with Ray Lewis, which we're going to go ahead and say is a good thing, as well as John Smoltz, Emmitt Smith, George Brett, Dan Patrick and Madeleine Albright, who spoke at my college graduation. The circle of life, and all that.

The most important thing is that he did not pop out during football season. For that, he will receive a generous college fund. (But of course we'll be pushing him to go scholarship in any sport, even if it's cricket, so we can blow the fund in Vegas.)

While I'm away changing diapers and not sleeping, there will still be content on this here blog. My editor and a colleague have graciously agreed to chip in when any news happens. I have also written a series on Georgia's 10 most important players for the 2013 season, which I also did last year, and that is due to start running on Monday.

It's never good to miss much time, but Baby Boy Emerson's timing is actually pretty good. I can only hope the good behavior continues into his college years.

I shall return soon, and in the meantime please continue checking in for original content, whether it's news or typical summer fluff. And if anybody has good baby advice, by all means, bring it.

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