CSU graduate raising money to make a film

Posted on May 16, 2013 

I always love to hear from the kids I've interviewed in the past, especially those who are doing well as adults.

Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand is one of those kids. Back when she was a student at Columbus State University in the theater department, she was simply Lindsay Hand. When she moved to New York and started auditioning for shows and television and film work, she was told by an agent to change her name. Lindsay Hand was too close to Lindsay Lohan.


That's why she added her middle name.

Right now, she's producing a film called "Rescue." She needs $15,000 to make it. So she started a Kickstarter account and she's got 10 more days to raise the money. She's raised almost $6,5000. Let's help her raise the rest.

"I’m very excited to be producing and starring in this amazing film," she says on the website. "What first attracted me to 'Rescue' was this story about survival, acceptance, and individuality. I love my character, Ember, and how she has not just adapted to this strange world around her, but she is now taking advantage of the system. I love all things sci-fi, but as an actor/producer, I have been unable to find a project that has inspired me as much as 'Rescue.' I am extremely excited to make this film with the talented people we have chosen to work on it with us!

"In the last year, I have been lucky enough to be cast in over 50 different union and Non-union projects here in NYC. I am the co-founder and artistic director at Edge in Motion, and my acting resume nonw includes a lead role in the new 'NBC Page' pilot, national commercials, acclaimed indie films, as well as appearances on WE, HBO, FX, and Cartoon Network. 'Rescue' is next, and I am very excited to be a part of this creative process! Help make this film a reality!"

The director is Daniil Deych and he says the world of "Rescue" is "not a happy place."

"In a near future, a small percentage of the population, the 'Evolved,' have developed various supernatural capabilities," he said on the website. "Threatened by change, this society has come together to develop a special 'Treatment' that would prevent further evolution as well as suppress the newly developed abilities of the Evolved. The number of the Evolved is very small, and they had no choice, but to comply. Those who resisted the Treatment had enforcers set upon them.

"Our story begins 10 years after the introduction of the Treatment, and follows our three heroes -- one has chosen to accept, one has chosen to fight and the last must decide where his loyalties lie."

To help Lindsay raise the money, go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lindsayelizabethhand/rescue-0

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