DWTS finale: Kellie Pickler wins; Zendaya Coleman is second; Jacoby Jones gets third; Aly Raisman is fourth

dminty@ledger-enquirer.comMay 21, 2013 

Singer Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough win the mirror ball trophy and season 16 of "Dancing with the Stars." Disney star Zendaya Coleman and Val Chmerkovskiy get second place. NFL star Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff placed third. Gymnast Aly Raisman and partner Mark Ballas placed fourth. They were eliminated at the beginning of the episode after earning the lowest combined score of judges' points and viewers' votes.

When she won, a surprised-looking Kellie said: "This is amazing. Oh my God."

Zendaya: "I'm very proud. I'm very happy," she said about her second place finish.

Jacoby: "I've never had a woman push me like this," he said about partner Karina. Jacoby joked about how gracefully he would be catching the ball for the Ravens next season.

Upon hearing about her elimination, Aly said: "This has been the best experience of my life." She paused to acknowledge the audience's standing ovation before continuing: "Good luck to you three, I love you," she said looking back at the final three.

On Tuesday's finale, the three remaining couples -- Zendaya and Val, Kellie and Derek, and Jacoby and Karina -- each scored a perfect 30 for their "instant" dances. Last night, couples danced two full dances and a Cha Cha relay. Zendaya and Val earned a perfect score of 65, bringing their two night total to 95. Kellie and Derek were just one point behind, with 94 points for both nights and a 64 for Monday night. Jacoby and Karina earned a total of 86 points, with 56 for Monday's performance.

Though the final round of dances were performed only for judges' points, viewers' votes were still worth half the total. Couples didn't find out what music would accompany their final dance until Tuesday's results show started, hence the final round being called "instant dance."

Zendaya and Val's final dance was an "instant" jive. Carrie Ann: "You've made every single dance special... It's been a joy," Len: "You don't only dance, you perform." Bruno: "You have pitch-perfect performer instincts... Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, you're going to go very, very far."

Kellie and Derek also performed an "instant" jive. Bruno Tonioli: "It's like watching incredible siblings... You remind me of Julianne Hough." Carrie Ann Inaba: "What a perfect ending to a wonderful journey." Len Goodman: "You're always clean. You're precise... You're the bees knees. The mama's pajamas... You're awesome, I'm telling you.

Jacoby and Karina performed an "instant" salsa. Len Goodman: "You're full of fun... You always deliver... You're a breath of fresh air." Bruno Tonioli: "Charisma, showmanship... I could watch you anytime." Carrie Ann Inaba: "You've proven why you are still here. You are a champion.

For the final encore dance of the season, viewers votes via Twitter to see the romantic, contemporary piece that Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough performed on last night's episode.

Ice skating star Dorothy Hamill, who was forced to drop out of this season's competition because of an injury, danced in the finale. Her partner Trista was injured and couldn't dance with her, so she danced with Henry Byalikov. Joining them on the dance floor was ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi. Dorothy credits Kristi with inspiring Dorothy to do the show because Kristi was on DWTS when Dorothy was recovering from surgery. Kristi was thankful to be invited back. "I'm just honored to join my idol out here on the dance floor," Kristi said.

"Real Housewives" Lisa Vanderpump, eliminated week four, danced again tonight and head judge Len Goodman joined Lisa for part of the dance. Earlier this season, Lisa and partner Gleb Savchenko joked that Lisa might have to dance with Len to stay on the show. Lisa said she went for older guys like Len hint, hint.

Read a recap of last night's (May 20) final here.

This season's eliminations:

Eliminated in the semifinal: Soap star Ingo Rademacher and partner Kym Johnson were eliminated after the semifinal round of competition on "Dancing with the Stars." Ingo said: "This has been an amazing experience 'cause I thought I was gonna be done after like two weeks. I thought I'd go back to Hawaii and come back for the Tuesday night final but Kym has choreographed the most amazing routines... She catered them to my two left feet... I really have a ballroom frame now." Kym said: "He's grown so much... He had no dance experience. He's now doing things that, I think, have surprised him, things he thought he couldn't do. And that's what it's all about." Week nine total: 51 points -- 24 for samba and 27 for Charleston. Week eight total: 48. Week 7: rumba, 22 total, 25. Week six: 46, with 24 for the tango. Week five: 21, Cha Cha Cha. Week four: 23, Viennese Waltz. Week three: 21 points, Paso Doble, Week two: 20, quickstep. Week one: 20, contemporary dance

Eliminated week eight: Bachelor Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd were eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" at the quarter-final mark on May 7. Get a recap of the episode here. "I've enjoyed every second of it. I truly am blessed to have taken part in this with all these stars. I'm still just a normal guy from Dallas. What an incredible opportunity," Sean said. Peta said Sean was a tireless worker. Peta: "He's just the most humble, wonderful guy." Week eight total: 42. Week seven: rumba, 24. Week six: 46 points, with 21 points for the samba. Week five: quickstep. Week four: 20. Week three: 21. Week two: 20, jive. Week one: 19, Foxtrot.

Eliminated week seven: Actor Andy Dick with Sharna Burgess were eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars." They received the lowest combined score of judges' points and viewers' votes after the seventh week of competition. A very emotional Andy said: "It's been the best... It's just been the best... The fact that we're here on week seven is just amazing... I really thank everybody here, the fans out there, the judges... It's been a wonderful, wonderful ride." Sharna said: "I couldn't have had a more incredible first season (being) paired with Andy... He's given me such a special experience that I'll remember forever." Scores: Week seven: rumba, 17. Week six: 43 points, with 18 for the samba. Week five: 18, paso doble. Week four: Viennese Waltz, 21. Week three: 18, Cha Cha Cha. Week-two score: 20 points, jazz. Week-one score: 17, foxtrot.

Eliminated week six: Boxer Victor Ortiz and new pro Lindsay Arnold were eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" after the sixth week of competition. Victor said: "I don't take nothin' back. It's been a blast... I'm happy to get this far." He said he enjoyed meeting the cast and hopes to see everyone ringside for a future World Championship bout. Week six: 40 total points, with 18 for their rumba. Week five: 21, Viennese Waltz. Week four: 18, paso doble. Week three: 23, contemporary dance. Week two: 18, jive. Week one: 18, Fox Trot.

Eliminated week five: Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley and his dance partner Cheryl Burke were eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday's (April 16) results show. They had the lowest combined score of judges' points and viewers' votes. The other couple in the bottom two was boxer Victor Ortiz with Lindsay Arnold. When asked what he'd miss, D.L. Hughley said: "Just Cheryl." Then, he continued. "Len, I watched you during the package and you need to work on your hip action... and the hip surgery Bruno said I should have, I'm willing to you... I've had a ball." The judges were tough on D.L. this season but he kept cracking jokes. When he earned his highest score of the season -- 21 points, 7s across the board -- D.L. said: "That's higher than my SAT scores." In video footage, D.L. is shown saying how appreciative he was of making a new friend in Cheryl and learning a new skill. He vowed to keep dancing long after the show ended.

Eliminated week four: Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump with Gleb Savchenko. "Just to be included with this group of people, you know -- gold medalists, Olympians but most importantly -- just a wonderful bunch of people, so yes, I am really happy... It's been a long six weeks and boy has it taken its toll... It's been the hardest thing I've ever done," Lisa said. She called dancing with Gleb "a gift" because of patience. She thanked her cast mates for making the experience enjoyable.

Week three elimination: Country star Wynonna Judd and partner Tony Dovolani. The couple got just 15 points for their low-energy samba on the week-three show.Week-two score: 18 points, quickstep. Week-one score: 18 points, Cha Cha Cha. "I faced one of my biggest fears and I've made a lifetime friend out of Tony... this is the hardest job I've ever loved. I'm a singer, not a dancer... I can't wait to get back to making my record. I love my country music fans more than ever," Wynonna said when she learned she'd been eliminated.

First to leave: Former ice skating sensation Dorothy Hamill and Tristan MacManus dropped out of the competition on the first results show of the season, after two weeks of competition. Week-one score: 21 points for their contemporary dance. Total two-week score: 36 out of 60. Had Dorothy and Tristan not left the show, the couple with the lowest combined two-week score of judges' points and viewers' votes would have been eliminated. Either Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold or Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko would have been eliminated. Though, comedian D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke had the lowest judges' score, 12 points, in week one and earned the second lowest judges' score, 16 points, on March 25, viewers gave them enough votes to remain in the competition.

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