More from Chatterland: Drunken fight caught on camera

May 22, 2013 

With whitewater opening in a few days, one of our journalists witnessed a new downtown attraction.

Drunk men fighting!

After an intense RPM class at the YMCA, one Ledger-Enquirer employee was waiting on their salad in the Country's drive-thru when they witnessed a fight in the Broadway median.

According to our "eye witness" and a police report, David Oakley was wearing a black T-shirt. He squared off with James Graff. They tangled for a bit, but eventually Oakley delivered a punishing punch that put them both on the ground. The reporter then witnessed Oakley kick the other several times.

A handful of people broke up the fight.

Both were heavily intoxicated, according to the report. Graff told officers he had no explanation as to what happened. He was taken to The Medial Center for a small laceration to the left side of his head.

Officers were later contacted by a Phenix City Piggly Wiggly employee about an intoxicated man. Turns out it was Oakley.

Oakley said he and Graff are friends and he had no clue why Graff attacked him. Officers said Oakley had visible abrasions to his shoulders and noted his clothes were torn.

We've all been to minor league baseball games where they do "Sumo Wrestling" between innings. No word from the whitewater people if this is their take on that sport.

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