Real Estate Transactions -- May 25

May 24, 2013 


Selected property transactions in Muscogee County, recorded May 2 - May 20:

1325 Vetreans Parkway Holdings, LLC to RAM Columbus Hotel, LLC; 1325 Veterans Parkway; $1,575,000; commercial

Lynchar, Inc. ( d/b/a T&W Oil Company) to Circle K Stores, Inc.; map&parcel184-016-010, 099-012-003; $1,159,000

Lynchar, Inc. ( d/b/a T&W Oil Company) to Circle K Stores, Inc.; map&parcel184-016-010, 0969-012-003; $741,000

Solid Rock Asset Management Company, LLC to Grand Oak Estates, LLC; 4325 Old Cusseta Road; $650,000; commercial

Christopher Jones to John Holst; 7783 Preservation Trail; $550,000

Jeff Lindsey Communities, Inc. to Vibhuti Ansar; 7016 Mountain Laurel Court; $507,984

Atmos Power Systems, Inc. to Liberty Utilities Service Corp.; 2300 Victory Drive; $500,000

Michael Wooldridge to Leslie and Michael Bruder; 7653 River Crest Drive; $475,000

Parrish Construction Co., Inc. to Roy and Donna Trawick; 9208 Travelers Way; $467,500; residential

Christopher Woodruff to Steven and Stacy Garberich; 7448 Rolling Bend Court; $455,000

Paskel Hilley to Ravi Muthusamy; 7591 River Road; $447,700; commercial

Jeff Lindsey Communities, Inc. to Qing Lin and Xiao Dong; 5036 Turnberry Lane; $440,675

Kevin and Virginia Ledbetter to Walker and Tara Saunders; 8040 Innisbrook Court; $430,000; residential

Hugh D. Wilson, Jr. and Kathi Z. Wilson to James and Harriet Lewis; 7401 Rolling Bend Court; $395,000

Go Blue Entities, LLC to Dyer and Wareesri, LLC; 19 10th Street; $390,000; commercial

Frank Warner, III to Plutarco Realty, LLC; 4101 Hamilton Road; $345,000; commercial

Casey Geringer to Walter Stahl; 1122 Laurelwood Road; $334,000

The Attic, LLC to Shelby Street Columbus, LLC; map&parcel 063-043-001; $325,000

Zsiros-Hill Properties, LLC to Lark Associates, Inc.; 3441 Hamilton Road; $316,000

Lifestyle Villas, LLC to Steven and Sydney Leichter; 4761 Patina Place; $306,125; residential

Southern Custom Construction Corp to Thomas and Kelly Kimball; 506 Old Double Churches Road; $305,000; residential

Walter Stahl to Jonathon Hemmings; 6230 Mountain View Drive; $295,000

Brian Haigler to Greg and Rebecca Atkinson; 711 Greenleaf Court; $293,000; residential

Trademark Quality Homes, Inc. to Nina Lane; 3931 Essex Heights Trail; $291,000

James Cameron, Jr. to Joshua and Tiffany Yarbrough; map&parcel 067-033-014; $285,800

Linda Glisson to David and Jane Bacle; 4762 Champions Way; $285,000

Grayhawk Homes, Inc to Maricus and Ayana Flournoy; 7862 Ivy Park Drive; $282,248; residential

Garrett Creek Development, LLC to Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; map&parcel 132-007-021 thru 132-007-026; $270,000; residential

Ruth and Brian Storts to Peter and Meaghan Friend; 8665 Freedom Trail; $265,000; residential

Bobby Scott to Jose Jimenez; 168 Pebblebrook Lane; $260,000

Laura Taylor Anderson f/k/a Laura K. Taylor to Brittany and Christopher Masters; 6797 Riverbrook Trace; $260,000; residential

William Clark to Todd and Rachel Sheppard; 2644 Habersham Avenue; $252,000

Kalu Kalu to Joshua and Amanda Reynolds; 27 Neadow Valley Court; $250,000; residential

Double Churches, LLC to Cheryl Clark; 1438 Grove Park Drive; $247,900; residential

Community Bank & Trust - West Georgia to David and Katherine Korman; 2820 Wingfield Drive; $240,000

David Topor to Kathleen and Mark Hughes; 21 Fenwyck Court; $240,000

Kennon Realty Services, Inc. to Andrea and Gordon Peters; 9221 Garrett Creek Drive; $239,900; residential

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Ronald Wilkes; 6089 Granite Field Drive; $237,000

Zachary Farmer to Timothy and Cathryn Smitherman; 2871 Lynda Lane; $240,000

John and Lindsey Whitten to David and Hannah Mize; 1891 Preston Drive; $238,000; residential

Thomas and Kathleen Garner to Melissa Haskell; 8088 Gilliam Court; $235,000; residential

Andrew Morley, Jr. to Daniel Parker; 1407 18th Avenue; $234,500

Donald Coonis to Gary and Judy Wolff; 2933 Waterhill Drive; $230,000; residential

Brandi Daniels to Kati Turner; 8009 Cedar Pointe; $229,000

Joshua Corbitt to Kyle and Pamela Brisebois; 1020 Silver Lake Drive; $223,000; residential

Morgan Oakes to Judith Edwards; 1907 Leonard Street; $215,000

Ray M. Wright to Hyung Shin and Eugene Kim; map&parcel 190-058-006; $212,000

Joseph Hargett to Stanley and Janice Steele; 5107 Boone Links Lane; $205,000; residential

Hattie McCollum to Jennifer Galbraith; 8129 Wood Fern Drive; $201,000; residential

Colony Bank to Jennifer Burt; 5100 Hamilton Road; $200,750; residential

Bill Hart, Inc. to Marcus Sparrow; 8209 Lantern Court; $199,900

Willson Brumback to Lucinda Sargent; 7229 Willow Oak Drive; $195,000; residential

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Julian and Janissa Jones; 558 Lakefront Drive; $192,000

Edgar Hughston Builder, Inc. to Marvin Leonard; 4941 Brightstar Lane; $190,396

Allalou, LLC to CEB Properties, LLC; 105 12th Street; $190,000

Freida Hammond to Jed Holcomb; 426 Biggers Road; $186,784; residential

Lifestyle Villas, LLC to Angie Pattillo; 8824 Patina Place; $180,000; residential

Stanley Steele to Lee Gibson; 6534 Big Oak Court; $180,000; residential

Paxton Herrin to James Pate; 1937 Oak Avenue; $177,500; residential

Faye Fullerton to Richard Averett; 4409 Mereworth Court; $177,000; residential

Jaime Berlin to Jean McKee; 4407 Florence Drive; $176,000; residential

Philip Bivins to George Lopez; 837 Cooper Avenue; $175,900

HSBC Bank USA NA as Trustee for Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation to Mallik Ahmed; map&parcel073-022-018-19; $175,000

Catherine Howse to Mark and Bonnie Franco; 7725 N. Stadium Drive; $165,000 residential

James and Lisa Eriksen to Ronald Sherrill; 7819 Big Creek Drive; $163,000; residential

The Coleman Edward Metts Sr. Supplemental Needs Trust Under Trust Agreement Dated June 12, 2002 to Carlos Buitago; 3322 Shirehill Lane; $163,000

Michael Campbell to St. Francis Hospital, Inc.; 4042 Acacia Drive; $160,000

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Randall Blades; 6097 Townes Way; $160,000

Nattacha Flores Jimenez to Catherine Anne Esteves, as trustee of the Dudash Trust f/b/o Michael Lee Dudash dated 7/16/12; 8058 Silverado Drive; $160,000

Atmos Energy Corporation to Liberty Energy Corp.; 2300 Victory Drive; $159,550; commercial

D.R. Horton, Inc. to Patricia Gibson; 2675 Honeysuckle Drive; $158,000; residential

Eagle & Phenix Mills, LLC to Kenneth and Charlene Currie; 1201 Front Avenue; $156,900; residential

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Melodie Davis; 1588 Antietam Drive; $156,175

Grayhawk Townhomes, Inc. to Pablo and Ingrid Colon; 6099 Townes Way; $156,016; residential

Carl Pleasant to Michael and Amy Winkler; 6860 Flatstone Court; $156,000

Michael Berry to Joshua Jordan; 3400 Cooper Branch Road; $155,500; residential

Grayhawk Homes, Inc. to Melvin Moore; 1570 Antietam Drive; $155,040

John OíHara to St. Francis Hospital, Inc.; 4030 Acacia Drive; $155,000

Frank Mann to Sarah Densmore; 1541 Buk Court; $154,700; residential

Tyler Agypt to Carolyn Wilson; 9031 Seedling Drive; $154,000; residential

Kennon Realty Services, Inc. to Jason Kaup; 1710 Ashwood Court; $152,500

Kennon Realty Services, Inc. to Ross Cowart; 4909 Roxbury Court; $152,500; residential

Garrett & Lane Color Lab, Inc. to Stephen Jenkins; 1017 Virginia Street; $150,000; commercial

Evelyn McGuffey to St. Francis Hospital, Inc.; 4119 Maxwell Street; $150,000


Selected building permits in Muscogee County, recorded May 13 - May 17:

2301 Cussetta Road; $965,001.15; Brian Sullivan; warehouses and restaurants

8700 Heiferhorn Way; $300,000; John and Judith Hammock; single family residence

4525 Ivywood Drive; $255,132.36; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family residence

6301 Whitesville Road; $210,000; Amy Diekevers; add/repair other building

7484 Coppice Drive; $207,661.86; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family residence

7654 Catkin Cmn.; $200,814; Jeff Lindsey; single family residence

7409 Prarie Valley Court; $195,520.92; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family residence

1607 Lexington Lake Lane; $185,739.12; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family residence

10138 Sable Court; $177,338.28; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family residence

1243 Cottage Pointe Court; $174,000.96; Ray M. Wright, Inc.; single family residence

6284 Shagbark Lane; $167,959.26; Jeff Lindsey; single family residence

9740 Yellow Pine Road; $163,758.84; Ray M. Wright, Inc; single family residence

1587 Winifred Lane; $159,098.10; Grayhawk Homes, Inc.; single family residence

3952 Steam Mill Road; $40,000; Columnbus Community Center; add/repair other building

5960 Cecil Avenue; $22,000; Mary Stafford; add/repair residential building

1660 Whittlesey Road 200; $15,000; Ying Xaio; add/repair other building

437 Bernard Drive; $12,000; Robert Ferrell; add/repair other building

6300 Flat Roack Road; $12,000; he Meadows Apartments; add/repair other building

629 40th Street; $12,000; Bill Jenkins; add/repair residential building

3740 Macon Road; $12,000; Flournoy Calhoun; add/repair other building

1112 E. Dinglewood Drive; $8,000; Christopher Jones; add/repair residential building

4284 Adams Street; $6,750; David Hollingsworth; add/repair residential building

2232 Nottingham Drive; $6,179; Joseph Hathaway; add/repair residential building

7578 River Crest Drive; $5,782; Tom Dicesaris; add/repair residential building

5040 Trussell Avenue; $4,263; Joshua Bazzetta; add/repair residential building

2909 Palomino Drive; $3,500; Denise & Rosemary Brogdon; add/repair residential building

7099 Kirkwood Drive; $2,359.71; Princess Wilson; add/repair residential building

4404 Oates Avenue; $1,661.90; Edgar Hardin; add/repair residential building

1585 Winifred Lane; $1,000; Michael Lowell; add/repair residential building

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