Bachelorette recap: Desiree Hartsock sends five guys home on first episode

May 27, 2013 

Note to future bachelors: Do bring your adorable son on the show. Don't bring a key to the "fantasy suite," armor, magic tricks or dance moves that don't work. ABC "Bachelorette" Desiree Hartstock sent a bachelor home before the rose ceremony on ABCs dating reality show "The Bachelorette." The bachelorette shrinks her field of eligible bachelors from 25 to 20.

Eliminated week one:

Larry, a 34-year-old ER doctor from Overland Park, KS. When he stepped out of the limo, he attempted to do a dance move with Des that ended with a dip. Unfortunately, Des got caught in her dress and the move didn't end well. Then, Larry apologized too many times for the moment that Des was trying to forget. Oops.

Mike R., a 27-year-old dental student and model from London.

Nick R. a 26-year-old tailor and magician in Chicago, failed to impress Des with his magic tricks. "I just want to find the right person."

Diogo, a 29-year-old marketing manager from Brazil, wore armor. Unfortunately, Des didn't think he was her knight in shining armor. "I shouldn't have done that... but I still believe in love," he said upon being eliminated.

Jonathan, a 26-year-old attorney from Hickory, NC, invited Des to join him the fantasy suite the moment he met her. She said "she wasn't that kind of girl." Later, Jonathan tries to drag Des away to a private room. Des asks him to leave before the rose ceremony. "You're making me feel uncomfortable," she said. The other bachelors applauded her move.


Mikey T., a 30-year-old plumbing contractor from Glen Ellyn, IL.

Kasey, a 29-year-old advertising executive from Tulsa, OK,

Micah, a 32-year-old law student from Detroit Lakes, MN.

Michael G., a 33-year-old federal prosecutor from Lindenhurst, NY.

Nick M., a 27-year-old investment advisor from Rochester, NY.

Brooks, a 28-year-old sales and marketing executive from Salt Lake City.

Bryden, a 26-year-old from Havre, MT. He's a veteran of the Iraq War.

Juan Pablo, the 31-year-old former professional soccer player from Venezuela encouraged an impromptu soccer match with Desiree.

Dan, a 30-year-old beverage sales director from Dublin, CA.

James, a 27-year-old in sales from Marietta, GA.

Will, a 28-year-old banker from Federal Way, WA.

Zack K., a 28-year-old book publisher from Phillips Ranch, CA.

Zak W, a 31-year-old drilling fluid engineer from Dallas, Texas.

Robert, a 30-year-old advertising entrepreneur from Glendale, AZ. Drew, a 27-year-old digital marketing analyst from Scottsdale, AZ.

Ben, a 28-year-old entrepreneur from Texas. Before he stepped out of the limo, his 4-year-old son Brody made an adorable entrance. Des was smitten by one of them. Ben earned an early rose.

Brad, a 27-year-old accountant and DJ from Denver.

Brandon, a 26-year-old painting contractor from Blaine, MN.

Brian, a 29-year-old financial advisor from Olney, MD.

Chris, a 27-year-old mortgage broker from McMinnville, OR.

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