The Harris County Boutique offers spring accessory trends

May 29, 2013 

It's almost like a museum of contemporary fashion trends.

Visit The Harris County Boutique and your eyes will stay busy. That's understandable -- the space showcases 29 vendors, spanning everything from party-ready fashions to enticing antiques. Just when you think you've scanned the entire space, you find some eye-catching accessories in an overlooked corner.

We spotted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, purses and more. "It has a little bit of everything," intern Madison Rizzo of Hamilton said of the boutique.

Open since December 2012, it's located at 140 North College Street in Hamilton, Ga. Owner Kristin Hlebak-Hicks of Hamilton said she opened the store as a way to find a home for many quality local vendors.

"All the vendors are very trendy," Hlebak-Hicks said. Vendors are all local and hail from places like Columbus, Harris County and Fort Mitchell, Ala.

Hlebak-Hicks receives her fashions in limited quantities, allowing customers to receive items that are "almost one of a kind," Hlebak-Hicks said. She informs customers of new arrivals largely through social media. "Instagram has been my No. 1 advertiser," she said.

Among this season's trends? Coral and mint colors, as well as Aztec and chevron prints. "Right now, the chevron look is very popular," Hlebak-Hicks said.

That popularity extends to accessories at the store. "You can never have enough accessories," Hlebak-Hicks said.

During our recent visit to the boutique, models showcased purses consistent with the trends. The handmade purses came from Lillian's Totes, a local business. Designer Lillian Ingersoll lives in Smiths Station, Ala., and is one of the vendors at The Harris County Boutique.

Through items like monogrammed apparel and handmade accessories, the store boasts a personal touch that keeps many guests coming back for more. And sometimes, the items remind shoppers there's no place like home.

Just look at Dirty South T-Shirt Company, another vendor at The Harris County Boutique. The company's popular T-shirts are stained in either red clay or sweet tea.

"We found a way to make it wearable. It's wearing the South close to your heart," said Pamela Smith, who co-owns Dirty South T-Shirt Company with her husband, Eric.

In addition to women's clothing in a wide range of sizes, The Harris County Boutique also carries children's clothes, Hlebak-Hicks said.

Even after browsing through the Dirty South T-shirts and the brightly printed purses, it's easy to leave the boutique feeling as if you haven't seen everything inside.

You shrug your shoulders, smile and realize you have no choice but to return a second time.

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