Sound off for Saturday, June 8th, 2013

June 9, 2013 

Pick of the day: I read in Sound Off where they borrow money from friends. I don’t lend money; it causes amnesia.

Let ’em eat cake

Just who’s bright idea was it to give summer meals to kids at taxpayers’ expense?

Or maybe not

I vote we keep the 13th Street bridge going over the Chattahoochee closed indefinitely. Traffic sure has been nice downtown.

Keep ’em coming

Can’t see a difference between African cooking and Southern cooking? Really? Hey, let’s keep those racist Sound Offs coming.

Cut spending first

Columbus Council wants to raise our taxes. They need to eliminate a city manager and take home vehicles for both general city government and law enforcement. Then maybe I’ll consider.

Don’t approve Rice

I do hope and pray that Congress will not approve Susan Rice as national security adviser. How can you believe anything she says after her Benghazi performance?

A lack of convictions

I’m curious about something. What good are all these congressional hearings and investigations when, to my knowledge, no one has been convicted since Watergate?

Oklahoma doesn’t need help

Conservatives in Oklahoma didn’t beg Obama and the Feds for anything. When the F5 passed, they simply got to work cleaning up. I know, my family is there.

Sentence was too long

Ten years with two or three to serve would have been plenty, Mr. Prosecutor and Judge Allen.

Obama would be aquitted, too

Articles of impeachment were filed against Bill Clinton, however, he was found innocent. Should the same happen to Obama, he would also be found innocent.

What’s the point?

U.S. taxpayers pay billions of dollars each year for U.S. military weaponry. Yet when Congress gets in a conflict, they won’t let us have it. So why buy it?

No response to call

We had three shotgun blasts tonight; called the police; no one showed. Isn’t that just nice — South Columbus!

Let them give the tours

With the IRS spending sinful amounts on entertainment and the government feeding two free meals a day, and we still can’t afford tours of the White House? Something is very wrong in Washington.

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