Sound off for Sunday, June 9th, 2013

June 9, 2013 

Pick of the day: Fifty bucks for a ride in a rubber raft and they expect me to paddle?

Guns don’t do any good

Apparently, having guns in your home provides little, if any, actual protection. All it does is provide more weapons for criminals when they break into your house and steal them.

Probably not

One question for council: When the Government Center services relocate to Columbus Square, will the public get its parking garage back at the Government Center?

Fill out an application

I’ve got the wrong job. I need to learn to dance the “Cupid Shuÿ e” and par-tee with the IRS!

How’d that work out?

The president and his Democrats are my enemies just as the Yankees and their president were the enemy of my forebears.

Look on the bright side

Our borders are useless, our immigration service is in shambles, and our people are uninformed. The union has crossed the useless line and a little revolution can’t hurt.

They have plenty of both

What is it that our spineless politicians fear the most? Is it the NRA’s money or the NRA’s guns?

Look for the leak

Instead of being outraged that reporters found out about a secret ally in North Korea, why isn’t the Obama administration outraged at the source of the leak — his own people?

Double standard

How is it that at graduation ceremonies family members are thrown out for showing individual support for their child but school board members can hug their favorites on stage without equal punishment?

It works both ways

It works both ways. The Holy Bible isn’t true and factual just because some people believe in it.

Nothing wrong with shooting animals

Nothing’s wrong with a preacher shooting animals for food and sport. Unless you’re a vegetarian, you eat animals that never have a sporting chance and live shorter, more miserable lives.

There is no proof

Nor does the Bible become valid simply because you believe it. There is no incontrovertible evidence that anything in it is anything but mythology.

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