Losing weight is tough

Posted on June 11, 2013 

Some of us are not lucky to have the metabolism of, say, Sonya Sorich. I've seen the girl eat and she can definitely eat. Yet, she stays very slim. Of course, she runs all the time and that probably keeps the pounds at bay. Yet I remember when she didn't run and still stayed thin.

I, on the other had, can just look at a piece of cake and it automatically goes to my midriff. In September, after my health crisis, I lost 20 lbs. Even though I've changed my diet and am exercising for the first time in my life, I've gained it all back.

So on "Good Morning America" today, there were two stories about people losing weight.

One was about Eddie Murphy's daughter, who is trying to become a Victoria's Secret model. She says models will do anything to keep the pounds off. Like what?

Soak a cotton ball in orange juice and swallow it.


That's got to mess up your digestive tract.

The second story is how a man in California lost 250 lbs. by walking five miles a day and fixing food that he bought in the dollar store.

It took him 18 months to do it, but that's the right way to lose weight.

And before you think he went to the dollar store and bought candy and chips. The California dollar stores feature fresh produce and canned goods so it's more of a grocery store. I kind of wish we had that kind of dollar store here.

Instead of chips, he ate salads.

He said he's going to have to lose a few more pounds before he gets where he wants to be. He started out weighing more than 400 lbs.

If he can lose 250 lbs. I can lose 20 lbs.

I guess I have to keep walking. OK, so I just walk one mile instead of five. So I'll up the mileage. Even though I've had to change my diet since last fall, I'll really start eating more salads.

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