14th Combat Support Hospital scheduled to return to Fort Benning on Wednesday

benw@ledger-enquirer.comJune 18, 2013 

A nine-month deployment for about 100 soldiers with the 14th Combat Support Hospital is expected to end Wednesday when the soldiers return to Fort Benning from Afghanistan.

The unit is made up of soldiers assigned at Fort Benning and medical personnel from throughout the Army. A ceremony is expected to be held in the evening at Freedom Hall, said Elsie Jackson, a post public affairs spokeswoman.

A highly mobile unit, soldiers are trained and equipped to treat wounds from bullets and improvised explosive devices and other combat injuries. Under the command of Col. William S. Drennon, the unit served as a multi-functional medical task force with 600 soldiers making up teams on 57 forward operating bases across Afghanistan. Teams supported U.S. soldiers and coalition forces in more than 3,000 missions outside the forward operating bases.

Soldiers with the 14th Combat Support Hospital made up three surgical teams working in surgical hospitals with Spanish and British forces. They provided a wide range of treatment, including blood support, denistry, X-ray, pharmacy, laboratory, preventive medicine, veterinary and combat stress detachments.

During the deployment, soldiers performed more than 1,500 surgeries, executed more than 1,500 medical evacuation missions, completed 52,000 lab test, filled 12,000 prescriptions and took more than 21,000 X-rays.

The unit also cared for 1,150 military working dogs. Soldiers treated dogs injured in battle, conducted more than 30 host nation partnerships on veterinary support and training on rabies, sanitation, livestock, working dog vaccinations and kennel inspections.

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