National Catfish Day 2013 arrives in time for 'Catfish' season 2 premiere on MTV

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJune 24, 2013 

June 25 is National Catfish Day, a day that President Ronald Reagan designated in 1987 to celebrate "the value of farm-raised catfish," according to the Northwestern University Library.

Conveniently, the date also marked the premiere of the second season of "Catfish" on MTV.

UPDATE: Here's a quick recap of the season two premiere. The show focuses on Cassie, a woman who believes she's engaged to Steve, a guy she's never met in person. They've only chatted online and on the phone -- no video chatting.

Steve says he's also known as S-Killa, an aspiring recording artist and producer in Atlanta. Cassie and Steve have been chatting online for nearly three years. Steve helped Cassie recover after she hit rock bottom following her father's death. Her father was killed in Haiti.

Steve and Cassie briefly tried to video chat, but apparently technology problems prevented things from going as planned.

Um, sure.

Host Nev Schulman addresses a valid question: In all this time, why hasn't Cassie Googled Steve? Her answer: "I don't need to do it because I trust him."

I smell trouble.

So Nev and Max take this information and use their highly scientific tools, also known as Google. They have a hard time finding music tied to S-Killa. Moreover, a Google image search reveals that Steve's "photos" actually feature a male model -- who isn't named Steve.

With that, Nev and Max decide it's time to check in with Cassie, who's getting a pedicure with her friend Gladys. Yes, Nev gets a pedicure, too. Cassie describes her longtime friendship with Gladys, who says she's glad Steve helped Cassie recover from her troubles. Gladys thinks their "engagement" is a little strange, though. It's worth noting that Cassie proposed to Steve.

Nev and Max return to their investigative work and tie a face to one of the musical tracks "Steve" gave Cassie. That face looks nothing like Steve, however. They approach Cassie again, show her the face online...and she identifies it as Tony, Gladys' cousin!

Does Tony like Cassie? Does Gladys know about this? Does this mean Steve's not real?

Cassie, Nev and Max decide the only way to find out is to head over to Gladys' place. Gladys answers the door and comes clean fairly quickly. Yes, she orchestrated the whole Steve thing and her cousin supplied the male voice on the other end of the phone.

Why did she do it? She wanted Cassie to avoid a dangerous lifestyle and she couldn't reach her any other way.

Justifiably, Cassie freaks out. She talks to Tony, who remains somewhat silent about the whole thing. Cassie leaves Gladys' place and Gladys sobs in her bedroom.

When Cassie and Gladys reunite, Gladys is prepared for Cassie to beat her up. That doesn't happen. In fact, Cassie says she doesn't hate Gladys and even admits she's a better person than when she was before "Steve" entered her life. It's going to take some time to rebuild the trust, but she thinks she can stay friends with Gladys. Aww.

In the post-show catch-up session, Cassie and Gladys say they're still social but they mainly hang out in groups rather than one-on-one. And Cassie periodically checks Gladys' technology to make sure she's not up to her old antics.

Discussion time, "Catfish" fans: What did you think of the episode? Should Cassie have severed ties with Gladys? Did you feel any sympathy toward Gladys? Share your reactions, please.

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