Give me your change Friday at McDonald's

Posted on June 27, 2013 

No, I'm not panhandling at McDonald's Friday.

It's the annual Round-Up for the Ronald McDonald House.

How does it work?

When you order a meal and you pay for it, you usually get change back. Just leave the change in a Round-Up bucket. It's easy.

Until last year, I swear I didn't know that the national McDonald's did not fund the local Ronald McDonald Houses. Each house is responsible for maintaining the "home away from home."

The Ronald McDonald House is a life-saving place for many, many families. It's a place families can go to sleep, shower and rest while a child is hospitalized.

For those who have to travel to Columbus while their child is in the hospital, it's a welcome respite. I mean, how many of us have camped out in a hospital waiting room? You know how uncomfortable that is. And if you're from out of town, it's expensive to get hotel rooms.

Our local Ronald McDonald House was started back in the early 1990s when a friend of mine had a child diagnosed with leukemia. She had to be treated in Atlanta and they took advantage of the Ronald McDonald House nearby Egleston Children's Hospital.

They came back to Columbus and began the campaign to have one built here.

So when the executive director of the Ronald McDonald House asked me to take part in the Round-Up about six years ago, I didn't hesitate and I've done it ever since.

My colleagues here at the newspaper have always been torn trying to decide which McDonald's to eat at on Round-Up day. Chris Johnson, who used to work here, would be at one and I'd be at another.

I told them it didn't matter which one they went to, just go.

This year, Chris no longer is here, so Sonya Sorich thought she'd be safe just visiting me.

Now, we learn that Dawn Minty will be working at one, too.

OK, Sonya, you'll have to get two meals once again!

I'll be at the McDonald's at Macon Road and I-185 and Dawn will be at the downtown one on Veterans.

It really doesn't matter which one you go to.

And don't worry. I won't be touching your food or pouring drinks or even making your change. Just taking your change!

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