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semerson@macon.comJuly 1, 2013 

ATHENS - Over the recent years, a lot has changed about this blog, whether it be the design, pictures or even the web platform. But what has never changed is my commitment to a barely mediocre brand of writing.

And also, the name. Yes, the name has never changed.

But now we're going to change it. At least, as long as you say we can.

It's been suggested by editors at the home office - I always invoke them on decisions that could be unpopular - that the current "Bulldogs Blog" name doesn't have the marketability we're seeking. They're right. I'm not sure how many people even refer to this as "Bulldogs Blog" anymore. More commonly I see it referred to as "Seth Emerson's Blog," which is fine with me, because I'm a raging egomaniac. But a blog with that name could be about anything, rather than what this blog is supposed to be all about: "Breaking Bad" recaps. And when there's space, Georgia athletics.

Therefore, we've decided to throw this out to you. We feel this is a wonderful chance for reader involvement, as well as a chance to benefit off someone else's good idea.

What are we looking for in a blog name? Well, it can incorporate Georgia athletics, but it's not totally necessary. It can incorporate my name, but that's also not totally necessary. It of course should be family friendly, snappy, and preferably contain no curse words. For instance, a few possibilities:

- The Seth Emerson Georgia Bulldogs Happy Time Fun Hour.
- The Annoying Guy From Twitter Has a Blog Too?
- Stalking Mark Richt.
- Greg McGarity's sounding board.
- Mr. Blog Man. (This is what Brandon Boykin called me on Twitter a few years ago, and for a time that was my moniker, but it's kind of faded away.)

And if there is a great clamor to keep the "Bulldogs Blog" moniker, then we will.

So please feel free to post your suggestion below, or to e-mail it to me at All suggestions are appreciated, and the winner will get a free ... satisfaction in a job well done.

OK people, let's do this. Give this blog a name.

Follow Seth Emerson at @sethemerson.

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