Casting Call for Mexican-American teens

Posted on July 3, 2013 

MTV is developing a "docu-series" about Mexican-American families and is looking for a family living in the Columbus area.

"One of the themes we're currently exploring is what it's like to be a first- or second-generation Mexican-American teenager living in a fun, boisterous, multigenerational household," said Kristen Chalos, a casting producer for the show in a release. "We're specifically looking for teens with compelling stories and a unique perspective as it relates to their family and culture."

Here's what the casting notice says:

"Is your family the Mexican version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Are you of Mexican descent and come from a big family? Do you laugh a lot and think your family is crazy when everyone gets together? Do some of your older family members embarrass you with the things they say? MTV is looking for a fun, funny and boisterous family of Mexican descent. If you constantly question why cameras aren't following you and your family, we want to hear from you. Please send your name, location and picture to . Please make sure you include pictures and descriptions of your family as well, explaining what makes them funny and unique!"

So if you think you fit this description, send your information. You might be the next Snooki!

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