Chattahoochee Chatter: Fort Benning soldier proposes during Braves game

July 3, 2013 

Let's start this Independence Day Chatter with some good news for one soldier and his future wife …

A Fort Benning soldier from the 14th Combat Support Hospital surprised his girlfriend Sunday when more than 100 soldiers from the post went to an Atlanta Braves baseball game as part of the team's "Tribute to the Troops."

First Lt. Ariel Castro proposed to Cherie Byrom when the troops were recognized at Turner Field before the 1:30 p.m. Braves games against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Soldiers and their families arrived at the stadium just before noon on the Fox Sports South Fan Express bus. They received a hero's welcome on the red carpet leading from Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard through the Turner Field main gates.


Except for its public safety functions, the Columbus Consolidated Government is pretty much shutting down for Independence Day.

The 311 Citizens Service Center, garbage, yard waste and recycling collections, all landfills, animal control, Metra and Recorder's Court will be closed today.

The Citizens Service Center, garbage pickup and Recorder's Court will reopen Friday, as will Metra, on a Saturday schedule.

But if you need any animals controlled, you're on your own 'til Monday.


Most of the time problems are voiced and nothing really ever happens. That apparently wasn't the case just this one time …

During the June 27 Muscogee County Library Board meeting, chairwoman Meridith Jarrell told the board she had spoken to Muscogee County School Board chairman Rob Varner about the school board being lax in sending a representative to attend library board meetings.

Jarrell said this while school board member Athavia "A.J." Senior sat in the back of room, unbeknownst to Jarrell and apparently every other library board member -- except Gary Gibson, the Muscogee County School District's executive assistant to the superintendent, who smiled at the stealth school board member but kept quiet.


It's been a long time

coming, but next week Fort Benning's civilian workforce will start taking an unpaid furlough day each week through the end of September.

No doubt, that is ultra-painful to their pocketbooks as the federal government tries to balance its budget and slash a humongous deficit.

But, never fear, TIC credit union is here. Founded on post and having long served the military's financial needs, the credit union said this week it is stepping up to the plate to help out the beleaguered civilian staffers.

That's right. TIC will be offering what it calls "furlough loans" to its members, complete with no interest for 60 days, and then a standard secured loan rate after that, now at 4.1 percent. Repayment is up to 12 months.

"Just as we strive to assist our active-duty military members, we also place great emphasis on civilians who do a wonderful job supporting the soldiers," said Janet Davis, TIC's president and chief executive officer. "We will do what we can to help them financially during the furlough."

Sounds good to us in Chatterland. Now how about a loan for the rest of us poor souls?

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