Happy Fourth of July

Posted on July 4, 2013 

The Fourth of July is just about over. I hope you had your fill of ribs and veggies and desserts.

I know I did.

My mother and I made our version of cioppino. I think it turned out pretty well. My brother-in-law liked it. I still want to try the real thing in San Francisco one day.

I did miss the fireworks downtown. I may go Saturday to watch.

I cannont think of another rainy Fourth of July. I've lived through days that I was soaking wet from sweating, but not wet from rain.

Like most of you, I remember some special Fourths.

More than 20 years ago, my sister Dorothy and I were visiting our brother, Fred, when they still lived in Hollywood, Fla. For the Fourth of July, we went to Jupiter, just outside of West Palm Beach, where Rena and Jarret Spence live. Rena is my sister-in-law's oldest sister.

Back in those days, Rena and Jarret lived in a subdivision that was so new that they had no neighbors. Their street wasn't even paved yet.

So their sons, Patrick and Ryan, amd Jarret decided to do their own fireworks show. And it was actually a good display. They couldn't do it today. They have neighbors on every side.

But that was a fun day and night.

And then about 15 years ago, my mother and I took my niece and nephew, Jessica and Scott, to Charleston to visit my sister Dorothy.

That might have been the hottest day ever.

The best place to watch the fireworks that year was Patriot Park, where decommissioned ships are docked. We got there early and claimed out viewing spot. We would take turns holding our places to go to the bathroom and get water and snacks.

But it was so unbearably hot that at one point, Jessica started whining that she wanted to go back home and watch the fireworks with Grandma. My mother wisely decided to stay at Dorothy's house.

We forced them to stay and watch the fireworks. We must have spent $100 just on water! By the end of that night, I wished I'd stayed home with Grandma!

A few years ago, we went downtown and watched the fireworks from the steps at RiverCenter for the Performing Arts. That year, they shot them from the top of RiverCenter's parking garage. That was close.

The following year, we watched it from in front of the Public Safety Building. That was a little too far.

The best place is somewhere I really shouldn't talk about, so I won't say. But it's a great view, safe and no crowds.

I may go there Saturday.

Tonight though, the only fireworks I watched were on TV. I was quite content with that.

I hope all of you had a wonderful day. And said a short prayer of thanks to those serving our country far and wide in many ways.

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