Which state discusses college football the most on Twitter?

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 8, 2013 

File this under “not too surprising.” During the off-season, Alabama was the state with the most college football conversations on Twitter.

The news comes courtesy of a study that Emory Sports Marketing Analytics released Monday. Researchers focused on the last six months and ranked states “by the percentage of all Twitter conversations in that state that mention college football.”

Here's an interesting excerpt from CBS Sports' summary of the study: "In states like Alabama and Mississippi, over 84 percent of all Twitter conversations have to do with college football. In California and Alaska, that number is under 14 percent."

UPDATE: I received this clarification from one of the folks who conducted the study. "I just wanted to let you know that CBS Sports mis-interpreted our chart. We are ranking states based on the percentage of the tweets in the state that mention college football. The chart shows what percentile the states are in with regard to that metric. Alabama has the highest percentage of tweets that are college football related thus it is the 100th percentile. The darkest blue are in the top 15 percentile (84-100), this doesn't mean 84-100% of the tweets are college football related."

Thanks for the clarification. Bottom line: It's still safe to assume Alabama residents talk about college football A LOT on Twitter.

These states rounded out the top five: Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia.

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