Signings Begin

Posted on July 9, 2013 

     It's that time of year, Snakes fans...well, actually a little past that time of year...haha. As you well know, this hasn't been a normal off-season for the Snakes. Jerome's surgery, hard to believe I know, was just over a month ago. Time to give myself a pat on the back...

      Promised myself I wouldn't try to see or talk to Jerome for a month and I DID it!!! Hurray for me. :) We've been in contact via texts every two days, but I still haven't seen him. We stepped up to email today (love technology) and have a date to meet next week. Coming up: everything you ever wanted to know about his surgery and recovery...and then some. Taking bets now: will he do show and tell with his scar like the players do? Yikes! 

     Interesting move today by the Huntsville Havoc. They traded the rights of goalie Dan McWhinney to the RiverKings. Coach Glenn Detulleo said in the press release that he wanted a pair of young and hungry goalies to compete for the net.

     Really good catching up with Matt Gingera. You'll notice I had quotes from Brad Prefontaine about Matt. Really trying to give Jerome some space, but I have to tell you it's hard!! This is probably the longest I've gone without seeing him or at least talking to him since the summer of 2004. Wow...haha.

     Matt recounted his days in Tulsa early last season. How ironic to be sitting at a higher level wishing you were in the SPHL! I remember when Matt first got here. He said he needed to be happy off the ice as well as on it. This organization continues to attract top talent because of its well-deserved reputation for excellence.

      Last season the lockout affected so many young players. The trickle down effect reached all the way to the SPHL. It'll be interesting to see how camp shakes out this year. I believe we're all in for some surprises on the Snakes roster. Should be a lot of competition for spots and everyone will have to earn a spot and fight to keep it. Remember how it was before the championship season? Dog eat dog, very intense and competitive from day one? That's what I look for this season.

      Don't have the exact date for the start of camp just yet. When I do, will get it to ya'all so we can start the countdown. :)

      Stay tuned.

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