Big Brother 15 results for July 11: Was Elissa, Nick or Helen eliminated from Big Brother?

ssorich@ledger-enquirer.comJuly 11, 2013 

Nick Uhas was eliminated from "Big Brother" on July 11. Helen Kim is the new Head of Household.

Nick, Elissa and Helen were up for eviction. Seven cast members voted to evict Nick: Andy, Judd, Spencer, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda and Candice.

Four cast members voted to evict Elissa: Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Howard.

Nobody voted to evict Helen.

Nick was one of the major forces behind the Moving Company, an all-male alliance. Fellow Moving Company members Spencer and McCrae voted to evict him from the "Big Brother" house. Think this is the end of the alliance?

Helen won a mental challenge to secure the Head of Household title at the end of the episode. Here's a full recap of Thursday's live results show.


The show kicks off with some pre-taped footage of Candice, Helen and Elissa suspecting an all-male alliance. In a somewhat surprising twist, Elissa and Helen seem to recruit Jessie to join their side. Assuming she's telling the truth, of course.

Is there trouble in paradise for the Moving Company? Apparently, the answer is yes -- and the trouble centers on pizza delivery boy McCrae. His fellow Moving Company members have an issue with his "showmance" with Amanda. She wants him to vote to evict Nick. His alliance obviously wants him to vote to evict Elissa. He's torn.

Now, some live chatter with Julie Chen. Awkward moment: Aaryn says she doesn't forget she's on camera...she's just a very "open person."

On that note, let's get some pre-taped footage of the cast members reacting to Aaryn's racist comments. Amanda approaches Aaryn and says some cast members think she's racist.

"That's the most obnoxious, annoying thing I've ever heard," Aaryn responds. "That is the most immature thing ever...I wish that I cared more about this, but I don't."

WOW. Yes, I officially hate Aaryn even more. To make matters worse, she compares her racist remarks to cast members calling her "Barbie" and suggests there's no difference.

Voting time! Here's how the live vote went down:

Voting to evict Elissa: Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Howard

Voting to evict Nick: Andy, Judd, Spencer, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda, Candice

With seven votes, Nick is evicted! Is anyone else surprised by Spencer's vote?

Nick has a serious death stare when Julie announces the results. GinaMarie gets super dramatic and starts bawling. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

In his post-eviction interview with Julie, Nick predicts Spencer turned against him. He thinks Spencer is controlling the house. Nick says he's not mad at Spencer.

Nick thinks the Moving Company might be over. Julie hilariously suggests Nick should've kissed Jessie to ensure another vote.

With that, let's watch the Head of Household competition. We learn Big Brother dropped off a conveyor belt filled with packages, waking the contestants periodically throughout the night. They guess the challenge will involve memorizing the labels on the packages.

The competition is called "Overnight Delivery." Julie asks true/false questions based on the delivery.

Judd and Jeremy are out first. Ultimately, we're down to Helen, McCrae, Kaitlin, Jessie and Howard. They must answer a tie-breaker question that involves guessing a number.

McCrae is out...everybody else ties again. So we're down to Kaitlin, Jessie, Howard and Helen. It's another tie-breaker question.

Helen wins Head of Household!!

The show wraps up with some live footage of Helen comforting GinaMarie. Wow, she is so dramatic.

Discussion time: Did the right person go home? And if you were Helen, who would you nominate for eviction?

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